12 Jewish parenting tips that parents can learn from

Jewish children are always taught by their parents to work hard and manage their time. Although the population is very small, only 13 million people, there is already 40% of Nobel Prize winners. The secret to their success is parenting. Let's join Dien May XANH to see 12 Jewish ways to teach children that parents can learn!


1 Always encourage children to be independent

To help their children grow up from an early age, Jews always teach their children to be independent. They teach their children to eat by themselves, to hold their own spoons and chopsticks, to do things at their own age. For example, if you go to any cafe in Israel, it is not difficult to see Jewish children eating alone even though they are only about 1 year old.

Jewish parents always create conditions for their children to study, independently do everything within their ability, and their health allows. In Vietnam, most parents fear that their child is too young to be able to do everything on their own, concrete evidence that even though the child is 4 or 5 years old, his parents still feed him rice every day. It is these things that have formed the habit of children relying on their parents, being surrounded by their parents, making it difficult for them to succeed in the future.

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2 Don't give orders, only suggest

They never dictate anything to do because these things are very much like dictators. Instead, parents will be the ones to give suggestions to their children and let them decide for themselves according to their wishes. Parents will also never supervise their children constantly, appearing anytime, anywhere with their children, but will let children be free within their own safe framework.

However, this way of education will have two sides, because the child's judgments will sometimes fail, making him feel depressed and no longer interested in doing. Jewish parents are also extremely open to these mistakes and failures and help their children to move on. If your child gets low grades in school, they won't criticize you, but will work with you to find the problem and solve it.

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3 Teach your child to read from a young age

Books were precious to the Jews, who viewed them as an invaluable asset. So they always teach children to read from a young age and teach them to appreciate books. From the first time they come into contact with books, they will put a drop of honey in the book and let the child kiss the book.

They want their children to remember those first sweet moments when they got their hands on the book. Because Jews believe that if children know how to appreciate books, books will also give them sweet knowledge. Therefore, Jews always make up the highest percentage of the world's top Nobel laureates.

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4 Praise your child as soon as possible

Jewish parents always praise their children, even when the children do not understand the language of their parents. Children's activities such as knowing how to draw or talk will be praised by their parents from specific actions. A special thing in Jewish families is that the children will be praised by their parents in crowded places because they feel their respect, presence and position in society.

If the child achieves impressive and excellent achievements, parents and all family members will applaud and give loving congratulations to the baby. This will help children improve their self-esteem, promote their spirit of learning and working style.

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5 Trust your child

Jewish parents always trust their children when they assign them to do something within their ability, they believe that their children will complete them excellently. It may sound strange that when their child gets a high score or wins a contest, the reward they give their child is absolute trust.

But for Vietnamese parents, they often give their children candy or a favorite toy. The Jewish way of educating is completely different from parents in the world because they believe that trusting their children is the most valuable reward for their children, this shows that your child has grown, matured. it's more than that.

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6 Learn to accept clutter

Jewish parents believe that children are always curious and curious about everything around them and are still very playful, but this will change as they grow up. Therefore, when having fun, parents always give their children the freedom to freely arrange their favorite toys without fear of parents scolding or threatening.

Jewish parents will not scold when the child is not neat, but they also create conditions for the child to freely play and mess around. This is how children develop thinking later.

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7 Always let your kids explore

Unlike other parents in the world, Jewish parents will never scold or run after their children with a whip to ask them not to do this, not to play that. Because children are always very active and full of energy, so they need to be able to express their energy outside.

Jewish parents believe that educating children to freely and freely explore what they like and the world around them will help them become more confident and successful in adulthood.

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All children's efforts are worth noting

Jewish parents believe that every child's efforts are worthy of recognition, big or small, and are rewarded by their parents. For example, when their children write squiggly words on a napkin, parents are proud to praise and introduce them to the whole family like a picture.

Jews believe that this way of education will help children feel confident and happy about the achievements they make. In the future, children will try harder, develop positively and achieve higher achievements.

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9 Do not assign negative words to your child

Jewish parents never say to their children: "You're bad" "You're lazy"… and they will never associate words with negative connotations. But they will replace those statements with the sentence: "Why would an obedient child like you cause such unfortunate behavior?"

Especially, when in front of outsiders and other children, parents will never criticize or scold, they will find a more flexible way to communicate to their children. The Jews are aware and grasp very well the shortcomings and bad actions of their children, they will skillfully shape and re-educate their children without outside interference.

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10 Take responsibility for your own behavior

Being responsible for your own behavior is something that Jews attach great importance to, they always set an example for their children to learn and follow. In front of their children, Jewish parents always act cautiously and show seriousness in all activities and decisions.

When their children do wrong, they always teach their children to be responsible for their actions because this will teach them to be responsible, to be aware of their actions and mistakes and to correct their behavior later. .

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11 Teach your kids how to manage time

From an early age, children are taught by their parents how to work hard and how to manage their time properly so that things do not overlap. Jewish parents always let their children learn many other skills and subjects at the same time with a large amount of time such as violin, English, math.

If the child's parents do business, the children will be able to join the family business with their parents from a very early age. Since then, with such large and continuous experiential activities, children have to learn how to manage their time, organize their work, and always tell themselves to work hard.

Dạy trẻ cách quản lý thời gian

12 Take risks

Jewish parents always dedicate this familiar saying to their children "Let's move forward". The meaning of this saying is that children must do things on their own, always develop themselves instead of standing still and achieving their own success. They always allow their children to venture out of their comfort zone, explore the world, and deal with their own problems.

This is meant to help children learn about confidence, failure, and victory. Parents always keep a close eye on their children and pay attention to each child's activities and give praise and encouragement in time. This helps children persevere in pursuing their goals and be willing to take risks.

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Hope the above article will help you know more about Jewish parenting methods. Any questions please leave a comment below!