22 very beautiful but extremely toxic flowers

Some familiar ornamental flowers but have a toxic substance that can take your life immediately, do you know?


In recent years, Saigon people have begun to love growing small ornamental plants in their homes or workplaces to create green spaces. However, biologists warn that among the ornamental plants currently being widely grown, some contain toxins that can be deadly if accidentally ingested.

The following article will bring you 11 out of 22 familiar but extremely poisonous flowers.


Trúc đào

Fragrant guava

Thơm ổi


Ngoắt nghẻo

Poison coffee

Cà độc dược

Do Quyen

Đỗ Quyên

Bird of Heaven

Thiên điểu

Ornamental sport

Môn kiểng

Arum/Italian lilies

Hoa loa kèn Arum/ Ý lan

Eight fairy cactus

Xương rồng bát tiên

Mr Thao

Anh Thảo


Chuỗi ngọc

It’s a surprise, isn’t it? Because these plants are extremely familiar with our lives. So what are the remaining 11 types of flowers? We invite you to read “22 beautiful but very unique flowers”. And if you know more flowers, you can “predict” the results of the remaining 11 flowers in the comments below.

*The article is based on the research of Doctor of Biology Bui Van Le, the University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City