Three ways to wash teddy bears very clean and simple at home

Washing your teddy bears can be a messy and time-consuming task, but it’s worth the effort. Read on for some helpful tips about how to wash them at home!


1 Using the washing machine

Step 1: Be sure to check your teddy bear for any signs of wear or damage before washing. Always read the care instructions on how best suit their needs when you’re choosing a method, and never wash an old friend with tears in them because they could burst.

may gấu bông trước khi giặt

Step 2: You need to weigh your bear before you wash it so that the right time of day can be determined for drying.

Step 3: Should rub bleach on the old stains on the teddy bear.

Step 4: Put the hem into the washing shirt to prevent the hem from being torn or torn after washing.

bỏ gấu bông vào áo giặt

Step 5: Carry out washing according to the appropriate method.

2 Hand wash

Step 1: Fill with water and submerge the bear. Soak for a few minutes then drain, repeat a few times to get rid of the dust on the bear.

Step 2: Add a little detergent to dilute to wash teddy bears.

Step 3: Scrub and squeeze out the water to make the teddy bear dry quickly.

Step 4: Dry in the sun so that the bear dries quickly and does not smell damp.

phơi gấu bông dưới trời nắng to

3 Gently clean the teddy bear.

Step 1: If the toy is not too dirty, you can also refer to how to clean teddy bears with diluted laundry detergent.

Step 2: Wet a cloth and wring it out, wipe gently over the bear’s body and use the attachment of the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the teddy bear.

Step 3: If you are afraid of bad smell, add a little baking soda, shake well and wipe the bear with baking soda solution

Step 4: Mix a little diluted laundry detergent to wipe the bear, take a clean cloth dipped in the solution and gently wipe it on the bear, focusing on the dirty area to be able to clean the stain.

Lau gấu bông bằng dung dịch tẩy giặt

Step 5: Wipe again with clean water after wiping with detergent

Lau lại bằng nước sạch sau khi lau bằng chất tẩy giặt

Step 6: Then use a dry towel to wipe to absorb the water.

 Sau đó dùng 1 cái khăn khô lau lại dể hút bớt nước.

Step 6: Finally, put the teddy bear in a cool, dry place so that the remaining water on the bear can evaporate.

đem gấu bông để ở nơi khô thoáng mát

The above article talks about how to wash teddy bears clean and fast. Hope we have brought you useful information!