Five reasons you should not bring your clothes to the laundromat

If you're looking for an easy way to wash your clothes, consider hiring a private laundry service. Bring in the necessary amount of dirty garments and let one of our experts take care of everything else!


1 Increases the risk of infection

Washing your clothes isn’t enough. You need to dry them too! If not, bacteria from previous washes will stick around and cause problems with skin diseases like rashes or boils for humans in the future when they wear those outfits again- but don’t worry because there are ways of getting rid of these pesky germs once you know what we’re talking about

In general, people should not wash children’s clothes at public laundries. The risk of infection is high enough that parents must take their own precautions when doing so.

Làm tăng nguy cơ nhiễm khuẩn

Children’s clothes should not be taken to a public laundromat

2 High risk of losing personal items

During the course of washing and rearranging furniture for return to guests, it is very likely that your clothes or other personal items will get mixed up in a load. This can lead not only to total loss but also means an incomplete contract which must be returned immediately with all information intact.

Nguy cơ mất đồ cao

Too many items in the store are easy to lose or mix with others

3 The cost is too high

The laundry price range varies depending on the weight of clothes you need to be washed. For example, a shirt weighing 8 ounces will cost from 5k VND to 10KVD while an 18-ounce load costs around 7500 vnd. With 4 weeks per month, it can add up fast! That’s why I recommend considering these factors before bringing your dirty linen (or anything else) into any random place where they do things differently than at home
The average person should consider washing 7kg weekly which works out to about 3 pounds per day when doing all chores themselves; this includes drying

chi phí quá cao

The cost of laundry outside the store is too high

4 Reduces the durability of clothes

The number one problem with your clothes is that they’re dirty. It’s not always easy to tell when dirt starts accumulating on them, but you’ll know because these articles of clothing start looking grimey and filmy – which isn’t exactly appealing! And if there are stains? Well then things just get really unpleasant quickly (pun intended). So how do we avoid this altogether?! Simple: make sure all items go through an individual wash rather than being crammed into one machine together; use a gentle cycle unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer–and hopefully nothing expensive gets ruined in the process.

giảm độ bền của quần áo

Washing clothes at a public store makes clothes quickly damaged

5 Shy mentality

When I go out to wash my clothes, it’s always a huge pain. First of all the water is never very hot and second if there are any stains on them at all then you can forget about getting those colors clean!
In order not to have this happen anymore though; every time we get home from work or studies -I’ll be sure to take care of our own laundry as soon as possible so that way no one witnesses what sorta person has been living in your backpack while camping…

tâm lý ngại ngùng

Feeling shy when bringing clothes to the laundromat

In order to minimize the above risks, we recommend that you invest in one, helping you to save costs, protect your health and ensure that your clothes will be protected. As clean as you want it to be!