5 simple ways to remove lipstick stains on clothes quickly and easily

For women, lipstick is an indispensable item. However, unfortunately, sometimes inadvertently, lipstick stains will stick to clothes. In this case, immediately apply the following tips to remove lipstick stains.



Hairspray is the "magic" that will help you quickly remove lipstick stains. The first way, you can use a tissue to put the inside of the lipstick, then spray the glue on. After 10 minutes, put another piece of paper on top to absorb the stain and put it in the wash.

In case you don't have a tissue at that time, you can put hairspray on the lipstick, wait 10 minutes, and then wipe it off with your hands directly.

Wet wipes for babies

Those who don't use hairspray can just use a wet baby wipe. Take a wet cloth, gently wipe over the lipstick mark, the stain will disappear quickly.

Những ai không dùng keo xịt tóc có thể đánh bật vết son chỉ bằng mẩu khăn lau ướt

Dishwashing liquid

Since most lipsticks have oil, dishwashing liquid will be a good assistant for you. You can pour dishwashing liquid on a damp cloth, rub gently, and then rinse with water. Continue doing this a few times, your clothes will become clean.

Vì đa phần son đều có dầu, nước rửa chén sẽ là trợ thủ đắc lực cho bạn


Alcohol contains alcohol – one of the lipstick removers. So if at that time there is alcohol nearby, use it to remove dirty lipstick stains on your clothes.

Rượu có chứa cồn – một trong những chất tẩy được son


One of the substances that can also remove lipstick stains is facial cleanser. Put a little cleanser on a damp cloth, then gently wipe the lipstick stain a few times and wash it off with water.

Một trong những chất có thể xóa được vết son nữa là sữa rửa mặt

If lipstick stains are on your clothes, immediately use these tips to avoid spreading the stain further. If you have any other questions, you can immediately contact a GREEN Electrical consultant for further answers.