6 simple tips for cleaning and polishing copper incense burners at home to welcome Tet

Cleaning and polishing copper urns at home at the end of the year is not an easy task. Let's join Dien May XANH to immediately refer to the following 6 simple tips for cleaning and polishing copper incense burners at home to welcome Tet.


1 Tips for polishing brass

Use vinegar

With this method, just use a clean cloth dipped in vinegar, then rub vigorously on the copper pot. After polishing all the surfaces as well as the base of the copper pot, rinse with warm water and dry with a towel.

Dùng giấm làm sạch lư đồng

Use granulated salt

You can use granulated salt in boiled water, then add a little vinegar and use a clean towel or dishwashing sponge to dip into the above mixture and rub vigorously on the surface of the copper pot. After scrubbing, you should rinse with warm water and dry.

Dùng muối hạt đánh bóng lư đồng

Use lemon

Squeeze the lemon to get the water into a clean towel or dishcloth, rub it directly on the copper pot. After scrubbing the surfaces, rinse with warm water and dry. Lemon juice will dislodge stains and help keep the copper shiny again.

Dùng chanh làm sáng bóng lư đồng

Use honey or tomato sauce

Use honey or tomato sauce to apply evenly on the surface of the copper pot, then rub vigorously with a clean towel. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm or cold water and pat dry.

Dùng mật ong hoặc nước sốt cà chua

Use all-purpose flour

Use a mixture of all-purpose flour (1 tablespoon), salt (2 tablespoons), vinegar (3 tablespoons) then mix well. You use this mixture to rub evenly on the surface of the copper pot. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with warm water, the copper pot will shine like new.

Dùng bột mì đa dụng làm sáng lư đồng

Use kitchen ashes

For families in the countryside, cooking with rice straw can be used to scrub copper utensils. Mix a little kitchen ash (finely) with water and then scrub the copper with a damp cloth. Then wipe with warm water to clean the kitchen ash on the copper.

Dùng tro bếp làm sáng lư đồng

2 How to polish copper urns

Step 1: Clean dirt on copper urns and candlesticks

Disassemble the copper urn and candle holder into small parts if possible. Use a clean towel, note that a new towel or a towel used exclusively for the altar to wipe off all the dirt on the copper urn.

With the lamp wax patches on the candlesticks, use your hands to remove them or to make cleaning easier, use a hot hair dryer to soften and melt the wax, at this point just take a light towel to clean it.

Bước 1: Làm sạch bụi bẩn trên lư đồng và chân nến

Step 2: Make copper lampshades, lamp bases

For less tarnished copper urns, you should use soapy water to clean them. In addition, you can also dilute vinegar with water and then soak the copper urn overnight. In the morning, use a clean towel to wipe it, and the copper pot will be much brighter.

Bước 2: Làm bóng lư đồng, chân đèn

Step 3: Clean the copper urn for the last time

Finally, apply honey to the copper urn and then wipe it with a clean cloth again to keep the luster of the urn. In addition, you can use a cana box (car polishing box) to perform this last step.

Bước 3: Làm sạch lư đồng lần cuối

3 Clean other objects in the house

  • Glass bottles and jars: put a little fine sand or crushed eggshells into the bottles and jars, shake them vigorously, then wash them with clean water to make the bottles shine like new.

Làm sạch chai lọ bằng thủy tinh bằng vỏ trứng gà và cát mịn

  • ,, yellowed: use kitchen ash, add a little water, wipe with a soft cloth to clean the yellow stain immediately. In addition, you can use toothpaste to remove yellow stains of glasses, cups, …

Ấm trà, ly chén bị ố vàng

  • Cement tiles are yellowed: first, you wash them with soap, clean them with a towel, then put a little salt on the tile surface. Next, pour hot vinegar water on the tile, leave it for a few minutes, then wipe it with a towel to remove the stain.

Gạch bông bị vàng ố

  • Moss sticks to the tile floor: mix lime with water, a thick solution like porridge, use a brush to brush this solution on the position of moss on the brick floor, leave it overnight, when the moss comes off, use a brush to scrub it.

Rêu dính lên nền gạch

  • Black smoked glass bulb: wipe the lamp with a cloth soaked in hot vinegar to remove the black smoke stain. Or apply a little lime water on the bulb, let it dry, then wipe it with a cloth to clean the bulb.

Bóng đèn bằng thủy tinh bị hun khói đen

  • Glass doors, mirrors are dirty: cut potatoes into thick slices, rub on the glass, mirror surface, then wipe with crumpled newspaper to make the glass door and mirror as beautiful as before.

Cửa kính thủy tinh, gương bị bẩn

Keeping the house and utensils clean and fresh is like dispelling the bad luck of the old year to welcome good luck in the new year. So, let's clean up and clean things to welcome Tet!

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