Six steps to iron your shirt faster and flatter

Shirts are an integral part of our clothing, but are you ironing them properly? Refer to the 6 steps to ironing shirts faster and flatter through the following family tips article!


1 Ironing the cuffs

Open the buttons on both sides of the shirt cuffs, and proceed to iron from the inside to the outside of the sleeve. Then iron along the sleeves and around the buttons. You should iron all 2 sleeves before moving on to iron the other part of the shirt.

6 bước ủi áo sơ mi nhanh và phẳng hơn

If you have a standing steamer at home, you can use a pleated iron to iron the sleeves.


2 Ironing the collar

Move the iron along the collar of the shirt. If your iron has a steam feature, you should take advantage of this to make the collar flat, sharp, and stand out. Always spread the collar flat before ironing.

6 bước ủi áo sơ mi nhanh và phẳng hơn

3 Ironing the shoulders

Insert the shirt shoulder – the joint between the collar and the back of the shirt into the tip of the ironing board. Start ironing from the outermost tip to the inside, moving to the sides of the shirt until the end.

6 bước ủi áo sơ mi nhanh và phẳng hơn

4 Ironing the back

Spread the back of the shirt on the ironing board, so that the contact area is the largest, always leave the shoulder of the shirt in the position of the ironing sole. Flatten the shirt, and start ironing from the shoulder down to the tail. When you have ironed the middle area of the back of the shirt, iron to the sides.

6 bước ủi áo sơ mi nhanh và phẳng hơn

5 Ironing clothes

Now, let’s move on to ironing the front two sides of the shirt. First, lay one side of the shirt flat on the ironing board, and iron the entire body surface and the slits around the buttons. Repeat the same step with the rest of the shirt. You can use the steam mode or use a spray bottle to tackle any annoying wrinkles.

6 bước ủi áo sơ mi nhanh và phẳng hơn

6 Ironing the tail

Finally, lay the bottom of the shirt face down on the ironing board just like when ironing the back of the shirt. Move the iron along the seam of the tail.

6 bước ủi áo sơ mi nhanh và phẳng hơn

After you have finished the parts of the shirt, proceed to hang the shirt on a large hook to prevent wrinkles at the shoulders. Unbutton the top and bottom buttons of your shirt to help keep the shirt shape. So you have finished the shirt quickly and smoothly.