7 tips to help keep the color of clothes always like new

All of us have experienced a situation where our favorite clothes have spread to other clothes, or they have faded after about 2-3 washes. Today, Dien May GREEN introduces to you, some tips to help keep the color of clothes always beautiful.


1 Put the clothes in the fridge

This is an incredibly good way to keep the color of clothes! Once you hear it, you won't believe it. However, for clothes, the lower the temperature, the colder it will help new clothes keep their color longer.

When you first buy clothes, you can put them in a plastic bag, then put them in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then take it out to wash as usual.

Cho quần áo vào tủ lạnh

Putting clothes in the fridge helps keep the color longer

2 Use desiccated coconut water

Soak clothes in water mixed with desiccated coconut for about 3 hours. Then wash with cold water to clean and dry. You can also use vinegar or salt to replace desiccated coconut water in the same way.

Dùng nước dừa khô

Soaking clothes in dried coconut water helps clothes last longer

3 Use soapnut fruit

Soapace fruit contains Saponin , a natural cleaning agent that can replace washing powders. You just need to separate the seeds of the nutmeg, boil and let it cool overnight.

The next morning, when the water turns dark, you can directly use it on your clothes or mix it with warm water to soak your clothes to help remove dirt and keep the color of your clothes fresh.

Dùng quả bồ hòn

Soapace fruit can substitute for washing powders

4 Use coffee or tea

Coffee and tea are both used as natural dyes. You can add 500 ml of coffee or black tea to the final rinse when washing dark clothes, these two types of water will enhance the overall color of the clothes.

Dùng cà phê và trà

Coffee and tea help enhance the color of dark clothes

5 Use betel leaves

This way will take a little more time. First, you pick betel leaves and wash them, crush them and put them in a pot of water. Then, filter out all the betel leaves, leaving only the water.

Proceed to soak the clothes in betel water for about 45 minutes. With this method, after soaking your pants in betel leaf water, you wring them out and then dry them without having to wash them again.

Dùng lá trầu không

Betel leaf helps to protect the color of clothes

6 Avoid drying clothes in direct sunlight

Many people think that drying clothes in direct sunlight is better, but this is the reason why clothes get old quickly.

Under the effect of sunlight, the color on your clothes will quickly fade. To keep the color of your clothes longer, you just need to dry them in a place where there is little wind and less sunlight.

tránh phơi quần áo trực tiếp dưới ánh nắng mặt trời

Drying clothes in the sun causes clothes to fade quickly

7 Using new technology washing machine

Today, technology is developing more and more, you do not need to rely much on traditional folk tips but take advantage of modern washing technology to help you do laundry easier and save maximum time.

For example, with the above modern system, the washing machine has the ability to strongly dissolve detergent in water, allowing the detergent to penetrate deeply into each fabric, providing the most optimal washing effect, and at the same time protecting the color. up to 31% better fabric, shortening washing time, saving power consumption but still ensuring washing quality.

Sử dụng máy giặt công nghệ mới

Above are 7 tips to keep the color of clothes from Dien May GREEN, if you have any other way, please share it with everyone for reference!