8 common mistakes that make your home susceptible to mold and bacteria

8 Mistakes that Make Your Home Susceptible to Mold and bacteria Mold is no joke - it's a health hazard. Fortunately, you can take steps today for your own personal protection against this toxic substance found in schools classrooms as well homes all over America! Read more about how below...


Householders often struggle to keep their homes clean, especially when they make the following mistakes. They fail to wash all items of furniture and clothing in hot water before drying them out; this is one way that bacteria can be eliminated from your home’s air supply! In addition, you should vacuum regularly as dirt gets stuck on carpets which provides an excellent breeding ground for mold spores – but don’t forget about appliances either: if there are dust bunnies living under your refrigerator then chances
Mold might start growing behind its filters soon enough without anyone noticing until it has caused major damage due only because we take our eye off these pesky little guys at times while

1 The bathroom is not ventilated enough

To prevent mold and bacteria in the bathroom, you should regularly open a window or door to let out the air. If there is no other way for ventilation then use an oscillating fan near any sink area that has standing water because this will help eliminate moisture on its own while moving around all throughout your home’s surface before coming back again with new updates!

Phòng tắm không đủ thông thoáng The bathroom is not ventilated enough

2 Many indoor plants

If you notice white mold on your soil, it is best to spoon it out and replace it with a new potting mix. You should not abuse watering plants since this can lead them in the direction of being eco-friendly as opposed to what’s needed for optimal growth; though if excessive moisture does become an issue then just know that there are ways around getting rid of or fixing these problems!

Nhiều cây xanh trong nhà Many indoor plants

3 Steaming food often

When cooking, especially steaming food prevent moisture from ruining your meal. Make sure you open a window or hood during the process so that all of those tasty smells don’t go away when it’s time for dining! After eating be prepared with cooling tactics because opening up an enclosed container right away will cause too much evaporation which dries out whatever is left inside–not exactly appetizing at best.

Thường xuyên hấp thức ăn Steaming food often

4 Do not clean the puddles, or stains in the house

To avoid mold growing in your kitchen, clean up any oil splashes or puddles when cooking. Leftover food and dirty pots & pans can also increase humidity levels which is bad for the air quality of a house so you should be careful with them too! Your carpets might need washing more often than usual due to all this wetness throughout homes because they get cleaned frequently anyway but if nothing else these tips will help keep down pesky bacteria that cause allergens like hay fever-induced asthma attacks (which I know firsthand).

Làm sạch các vũng nước, vết bẩn trong ngôi nhà Clean puddles, stains in the house

5 Narrow space

In order to keep your home free of mold, you should make sure that narrow spaces like corners or attics don’t have any moisture on their surfaces. This will prevent the growth of unwanted organisms which can cause allergies and other health problems in humans if they’re not cleaned regularly with appropriate cleaning products!

Không gian chật hẹp Narrow space

6 Skip leaky places

Invisible leaks are the most common type of home plumbing issue, but they can cause big headaches. For example, a small crack in your faucet could lead to flooding if left unchecked; while an improperly installed repair will only make things worse! You should always be on guard for these types of problems because timely detection prevents the environment from growing mold or bacteria

Bỏ qua những nơi bị rò rỉ Skip leaky places

7 Store stacks of cardboard boxes

Mold can be a very unpleasant and frustrating problem. It’s not just the smell that makes you want to avoid those damp places, but also all of this black stuff on your walls or ceilings from spores gathering together in droves! The good news is there are plenty if ways we could prevent it – especially with some simple tricks like installing ventilation systems so air doesn’t stay trapped inside forever; cleaning often (and using products specifically designed for removing gunk); making sure surfaces have enough moisture removal capacity either through artificial methods such as humidifiers/desiccants combo units which release negative ions when heated up by human presence combined wth natural ones too

Lưu giữ những chồng hộp các- tông Store stacks of cardboard boxes

8 Preserving fresh firewood in the house

The freshness of firewood is crucial for mold growth. If it rains or gets wet, then you should protect your wood by having a shelter to keep them from getting too soggy and multiplying bacteria colonies in the process!

Bảo quản củi tươi trong nhà Preserving fresh firewood in the house

The 8 mistakes listed above are all too common when it comes to preventing mold and bacteria growth. We hope this article will be useful for you, thanks in advance!