9 ways to dry sports shoes quickly and effectively

The rainy season comes, making shoes often wet and cleaning shoes more difficult. Let's see 9 ways to dry sports shoes quickly and effectively below to fix this situation!


1 How to dry shoes with machines


The rainy season comes, making shoes often wet and cleaning shoes is also more difficult, the need to use a shoe dryer therefore also becomes high. A shoe dryer is increasingly needed, helping to dry shoes on a rainy, humid day, your shoes will dry quickly, saving time.

Here are instructions for drying shoes:

Step 1: Put the drying tube into the shoe to proceed with drying

Bước 1: Đặt ống sấy vào trong giày để tiến hành sấy khô

Step 2: Press the first button to select the appropriate drying mode such as standard drying, leather shoe drying, light drying, and socks drying.

Bước 2: Ấn nút đầu tiên để chọn chế độ sấy phù hợp như sấy tiêu chuẩn, sấy giày da, sấy nhẹ, sấy vớ

Step 3: Press the second button to select the appropriate drying time such as 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, and 180 minutes.

Bước 3: Ấn nút thứ hai để chọn thời gian sấy phù hợp như sấy 30 phút, 60 phút, 120 phút và 180 phút

Step 4: Press the third button to start working

Bước 4: Ấn nút thứ ba để máy bắt đầu hoạt động

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Using a clothes dryer to dry shoes saves time, is easy to do, and does not cost any other materials.

However, this method is not applicable to many types of shoes such as suede sneakers, suede western shoes… The high temperature of the dryer can damage and peel off the thick skin.

Step 1: See the design and material of the shoe

  • If your shoes are made of synthetic, cotton and do not have hard soles, or gel soles (with an air cushion), you can put them in the tumble dryer.
  • As for shoes such as leather shoes, clogs, sports shoes, and women’s sports shoes with gel soles, it is best not to put them in the clothes dryer.

Xem thiết kế, chất liệu của giày

Step 2: Clean shoes to remove dirt

You can leave your shoes under running water to remove dirt or use a wet cloth to wipe the surface of the shoes.

Vệ sinh giày sơ để loại bỏ bùn đất

Step 3: Remove the shoelaces but do not remove them all

Remove the shoelaces and remember to leave some space as shown in the picture.

Tháo dây giày nhưng không tháo hết

Step 4: Put some towel or cloth in the tumble dryer

  • Putting a towel or cloth in the dryer helps protect your shoes and avoids knocks that can damage the dryer.
  • You can use your clothes drying mode to dry your shoes.

Cho một ít khăn hoặc vải vào máy sấy quần áo

Step 5: Put the shoes in the dryer

Place the two shoe side by side with the toe facing up, the sole of the shoe pressed against the inside of the dryer door.

Đặt giày vào tủ sấy

You let the shoelaces stick out of the dryer door, then close the dryer door tightly to prevent the laces from slipping back into the machine.

để dây giày lòi ra ngoài cửa máy sấy

Step 6: Drying the shoes

After 60 minutes, open the dryer to check if the shoes are dry. If not, then continue drying your shoes.

Chọn mức sấy vừa phải và để trong vòng 1 giờ đồng hồ


Hair dryers are often used in drying objects because this is an item that is usually available in every household and easy to make.

How to dry shoes with a hair dryer is very simple, you must first clean the shoes by washing or using bleach to remove the stains. After that, let the shoes dry for about 20 minutes and then use a hair dryer to dry the shoes, drying from the inside until dry and then starting to dry the outside.

Dùng máy sấy tóc giấy giày

However, drying shoes with a hair dryer is only suitable for thin, low-suction fabric shoes. Another minus point is that the heat of the hair dryer is not concentrated, and often dissipates quite a lot, which consumes time as well as electricity.


Drying shoes with a fan is a simple yet effective treatment for leather shoes or sports shoes with gel soles. However, this method can take a long time (about more than an hour for the shoes to dry completely).

Step 1: Check the design of the shoe

If it is leather shoes or sports shoes with gel soles, this method will be extremely effective. However, suede shoes will dry a little slower.

Kiểm tra thiết kế của giày

Step 2: Clean shoes before drying

You put the shoes under the tap to clean the dirt.

Vệ sinh giày sơ để loại bỏ bùn đất

Step 3: Select fan

Find a tree or (desktop fan). You should choose fans that are larger in diameter than the shoes and sturdy enough to be able to hang the shoes.

Tìm quạt đứng có kích thước lớn hơn giày và đủ cứng cáp để treo giày

Leave the fan in a dry place, and choose a place like outside in the yard or somewhere spacious in the house. Next, you need to put a cloth under the base of the fan to absorb water while the shoes dry.

Lót tấm vải dưới quạt để thấm nước trong lúc phơi giày

Step 4: Dry the shoe insoles

At this point, remove the insoles and leave them to dry in the sun or in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes.

Gỡ miếng lót giày ra đem phơi nắng

Step 5: Design a shoe hanger

  • Take a coat hanger and cut the power, use pliers to cut the piece into 2 pieces about 15cm, and bend the piece of zinc into the letter S.
  • You should bend a small end to hook to the fan cage and a large end to hang shoes. Do the same with the remaining piece of zinc.
  • Hook the two small ends to the fan cage and leave the two hooks about 20cm apart so that the shoes don’t touch each other when hanging.

Thiết kế móc treo giày

Step 6: Dry the shoes

Remove the shoelaces and hang the shoes on a large hook, then turn on the fan to medium or high for a few hours to let the shoes dry completely.

Treo giày vào móc lớn và để quạt ở mức vừa hoặc lớn trong vài tiếng

2 How to dry shoes without a machine

Use newspaper

This method is very simple, the time is quite fast, anyone can do it, and is especially suitable for many types of shoes, from canvas shoes, and suede shoes to hard sole shoes.

You need to pay attention to avoid taking newspaper pages with many large letters, images, and bold prints because it will be easy to absorb ink on bright shoes.

Step 1: Check the design of the shoe

If leather or suede shoes, this will be extremely gentle to make the shoes dry quickly. Clogs and hard soles can also do this.

Kiểm tra chất liệu của giày

Step 2: Prepare the newspaper

Prepare a stack of newspaper, should remove the pages with black ink or pictures because when covering the shoes, the ink will easily seep into the shoes.

Chuẩn bị một xấp giấy báo

Step 3: Clean the shoes

Clean shoes from dirt using a damp cloth to clean the surface of the shoe to remove dust.

Vệ sinh giày bằng khăn ẩm để loại bỏ bụi bẩn

Step 4: Insert newspaper into shoes

Roll the newspaper into a circle and stuff it into the shoe until it’s full.

Vo giấy báo thành hình tròn rồi nhét vào giày cho đến khi đầy.Vo giấy báo thành hình tròn rồi nhét vào giày cho đến khi đầy

Step 5: Roll newspaper around shoes

Wrap some newspaper around the shoe, then use an elastic band in the middle to secure the newspaper.

Dùng giấy báo gói xung quanh giày và dùng thun buộc cố định lại

Step 6: Dry the shoes

Place the sole of the shoe facing up in a cool or sunny place such as in front of a yard or a window.

Đặt đế giày hướng lên ở những nơi thoáng mát

After an hour, you check the shoes, if it is still not dry, repeat the process of inserting another newspaper and drying again.

Thực hiện lại quy trình nhét giấy báo khác vào nếu giày chưa khô

Use granulated salt

Granular salt is very cheap, you can use table salt, and fine salt is available in the kitchen to use to dry shoes. However, the time for the shoes to reach the desired dryness is quite long.

To make, roast a handful of salt in a pan until the salt is hot, taking care not to let the salt burn yellow and burn. Next, place the roasted salt in two small bags or two clean socks, placing each bag on the side of the shoe. After 1-2 hours, check the dryness of the shoes and continue to put salt bags until the shoes are completely dry.

Dùng muối hột làm khô giày

Use rice

This method is simple, easy to do, and especially does not take much time. The more rice you use, the shorter the drying time, so it can be a bit expensive if you want your shoes to dry faster.

The method is very simple, you put your shoes in a plastic bag or cloth bag, continue to pour rice into the bag and then tie the mouth of the bag. Watch the time for about 2 hours, you will see that the shoes are much drier.

Dùng gạo làm khô giày

Drying shoes near the outdoor air-conditioner

The position of drying shoes near the outdoor unit of the air conditioner will give off a lot of heat to help the shoes dry faster.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance to hang the shoes to match the level of heat emitted. If the temperature is too high, the shoes may become hot, and peeling. This method is not used for leather shoes but only for canvas shoes and cotton shoes.

Phơi giày gần dàn nóng máy lạnh

Using candle wax helps prevent shoes from getting wet

Using candle wax is very useful to help prevent shoes from getting wet outside when it rains.

You need to use a little candle wax to rub gently and evenly on the surface of the shoe leather, continue to use a hair dryer to gently heat the candle wax layer to make the wax flow evenly and adhere to the shoe surface. If you need to remove that layer of candle wax, soak your shoes in hot water of about 60-70 degrees Celsius.

Dùng sáp nến giúp hạn chế giày bị ướt

Above is the article that tells you 9 ways to dry sports shoes quickly and effectively. Hope you successfully apply the above methods to your shoes!