Cooking gas stove black pot. The cause and how to fix it

After a long time using a gas stove, you will encounter a situation where the pots and pans are black and are difficult to clean and sanitize. Let's find out the causes and solutions when cooking gas stove with black pot!


1 Do not clean the pot before use

This is the most common cause of black gas stove cooking. When cooking food but the pot is not cleaned, the grease scum remains on the bottom of the pot, when placed on the stove, the grease scum will be burned, creating a black residue at the bottom of the pot.

Usually, these layers of black residue are difficult to clean. So before using the pot to cook the food you need Check and observe whether the pot has been cleaned to ensure that the pot is black.

Không vệ sinh sạch nồi trước khi sử dụng

2 Gas cylinders are about to run out

If the gas stove is in use and naturally has this condition, please shake the gas bottle gently, if it is true that the gas is light, the gas is about to run out, the red stove is a normal phenomenon.

In case you buy poor quality gas cylinders, it is not guaranteed to lead to a red fire, making the gas stove black. To overcome this situation is quite simple, when the gas in the tank runs out or the gas is of poor quality, you just need to replace the new gas tank.

Bình gas sắp hết

3 Wind leaves are deviated

When the wind shields of the gas stove are deflected, the fire will be deprived of air when burning, which also causes the fire to turn red and blacken the bottom of the pot. Then you need to adjust the wind shield accordingly .

Do it by turning the wind leaf slowly until the fire turns green as desired, then stop.

Lá gió bị lệch

4 Blocking the fire outlet (gas stove burner)

If you do not regularly clean the gas stove periodically, the problem of clogging the fire outlet is inevitable. Because during the cooking process, it is possible that the food will accidentally stick to the gas injection holes.

To fix the problem you need to remove the burner, use a sharp needle and brush to clean the fire outlet. After cleaning the burner, wait for the parts to dry completely and install the burner in place . Ignite continuously to see if the red flame has been resolved.

Nghẹt khe thoát lửa (đầu đốt bếp ga)

5 Paint fumes, lime dust on the burners or stove brackets

If your house or the surrounding area has just been whitewashed, the new paint will cause paint fumes and lime dust to stick on the burners or burners. This will cause the gas stove to turn red, leading to blackening of the bottom of the pot when cooking.

In this situation, you just need to wait a few days for the paint and lime dust to fade or you can clean and clean the gas stove, ventilate the kitchen, then this situation will be overcome.

Hơi sơn, bụi vôi bám trên đầu đốt hay kiềng bếp

6 There is a foreign body in the gas pipe

If you have tried all of the above methods, but the gas stove still cannot fix the red fire, then there is a possibility that the gas pipe has a foreign object such as a spider web or some other foreign object that may be caught in the gas pipe.

When this is the case, if you do not have the technique and understanding of how the gas stove works, please contact a reputable repair center, trusted by many people to conduct inspection and fix the problem. try!

Có dị vật trong ống điếu dẫn gas

7 Ways to use gas stoves safely and economically

Although the gas stove is a commonly used and widely used item in every family, many users still do not know how to use a gas stove safely and economically. Take a look at the following ways to use it!

Install the gas stove properly : Users should place the stove at least 15 cm away from the wall. Your kitchen has a shelf above, the kitchen is 1m away from the shelf. At the same time, the kitchen should be placed in a well-ventilated place, away from a place with a lot of wind.

Adjust the amount of fire and choose suitable pots and pans when cooking : Do not use too large a fire that will cause waste or too small to make cooking time long. You should keep the fire at a moderate level, and at the same time choose a pot made of aluminum or stainless steel for better heat transfer, avoiding gas consumption.

Điều chỉnh lượng lửa và chọn nồi chảo phù hợp khi nấu ăn

Using the windscreen to save gas : This way helps you to reduce the waste of gas and limit the gas to be turned off while cooking.

Clean gas stove : Before and after use, please use a soft cotton towel, wipe clean around the stove and stove.

Turn off the gas stove, lock the gas carefully after use : This helps users avoid gas leaks, consumes energy and does not cause fire or explosion.

Some tips for using gas stoves safely and prolonging life :

  • Do not use gas stove to dry clothes, towels, …
  • Do not spray insecticide near the gas stove area, as the gas will cause an explosion.
  • Place the gas tank about 1m away from the stove.
  • Choose gas cylinders of reputable and quality establishments.
  • Do not repair yourself when having problems with gas cylinders, gas stoves and wires. At this point, you should seek the help of a professional repairman to ensure safety and quick fix.

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Hopefully, the information provided above, you will not worry about cooking gas stove black pot anymore. Please leave your feedback for us in the comment box below.