Good tips to help flowers bloom slowly to welcome Tet on the right day

If you see the branches of apricot blossom and peach blossom in your house showing signs of rapid bloom, you must find a way to stop the flowers so that they can only bloom on the first days of the new year. Here are some tips to help slow flowers down.


1 Light restriction

Usually, the more light, the faster the flower is likely to bloom . Therefore, in your garden, you need to use tarpaulins or corrugated iron roofs to prevent direct sunlight from reaching flowers.

If possible, you can bring your flower pots into the house or darker places . You can apply this method with chrysanthemums, apricot flowers, poinsettias.

Che lưới để hạn chế bớt ánh sáng

2 Temperature restriction

There are flowers that are not very sensitive to light such as apricot flowers, peach blossoms, etc., so you need to limit the temperature for them to slow down. For these flowers, you need to ensure the temperature is between 18-24 degrees Celsius in the flower storage environment. When the flowers begin to bloom, the temperature is reduced to 8 – 15 degrees Celsius .

Đem hoa vào nhà để làm giảm nhiệt độ

Reducing the temperature like this is a way for you to put the flowers to "sleep" to avoid the flowers blooming before Tet. The way to reduce the temperature to prolong the flowering time is also applicable to flowers that you normally grow such as carnations, hibiscus, sunflowers, azaleas, etc., but not for gladiolus.

3 Put in dry environment

You can also put flowers in a dry environment created by yourself (in the house with air conditioner , dehumidifier ) to inhibit the growth of flowers. The dry environment will make the plant not have enough conditions to be able to thrive, so its flowers will also appear slower.

Đem hoa vào nhà có máy lạnh để hạn chế hoa nở

4 Pruning branches

During the growing seasons of the flower, pruning its branches can also cause the flower to bloom late.

The same measures as peeling buds, picking buds is also a way for you to control the growth and flowering of plants. The essence of this method is to prevent nutrients from moving from the leaves to the roots, causing rapid plant growth.

Tỉa cành để ngăn chặn sự phát triển của chồi

5 Limit watering

People often use this method to inhibit the flowering of succulents such as cacti and porcelain flowers. And this method can still be applied to apricot flowers. Around October – November every year , you can start to brake the water to slow down the apricot blossom.

On the days before Tet, you only need to water just enough to keep the plants moist. The amount of irrigation water also needs to be adjusted according to the weather situation from year to year.

Hạn chế tưới nước cho cây những ngày gần Tết

In folklore, there are still many other tips for you to make flowers that you can learn from relatives, friends or those who have gone before. It would be great if the flowers in your house bloom together on the first days of the new year, isn't it?

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