Handling electrical equipment when exposed to water

Unexpected incidents sometimes cause electrical equipment to get wet. This easily causes damage to equipment, more seriously affecting human life. Let's learn tips on how to handle electrical equipment when it gets wet right here!


Xử trí thiết bị điện khi bị dính nước

1 Do not rush to plug in and turn on the device

If you know for sure that electrical equipment is damp, absolutely do not plug it in and turn it on because doing so can cause a shortage in the household electrical system or blow the fuse inside the machine, damaging the internal components.

Complicated devices such as TVs, … need to be raised, removed, and dried depending on how long the immersion is in the water.

Không vội vàng cắm điện và bật thiết bị

2 Clean, dehumidify and dry the device

With clean water, people need to put it in the drying cabinet, let it dry, and if the water is dirty, it should be washed first because if there is residual mud, even if it dries after a while, it will absorb moisture and damage the device.

If the house has air conditioning or a dehumidifier, you should close the door, turn on the air conditioner or use a dehumidifier to dry the machine before use.

After drying, and cleaning the equipment should not be reinstalled immediately, but left in a dry place for at least 24 hours so that there is no condensation, then install.

Lau chùi, hút ẩm, sấy khô cho thiết bị

If not, you can also use a dryer to dry the outside. Note that absolutely do not use a hot hair dryer to dry because this will lead to damage to the components inside the device.

A person with technical knowledge can remove the appliance cover for drying, but this is not recommended by the manufacturer. Best in case electrical equipment gets into the water you should bring to electrical engineering centers to solve thoroughly.

Clean the TV screen

3 Notes to avoid damage to the device

Attempting to dry and then operate electronic devices again after being exposed to water can cause a short circuit, or worse, an electric shock to the user.

There are many cases of users being injured or life-threatening because the electronic components inside the device still contain a lot of moisture.

gọi cho kĩ thuật viên để kiểm tra

The extent of water damage to the water depends on the part that was soaked in water and how long it took to soak in the water.

In fact, even if the heating or cooling equipment is dry, it is likely that the internal components have been damaged or must be replaced for safety.

When the room is flooded, the first thing to do is to prevent the household appliances from coming into contact with water. Then, wait until the water recedes before disconnecting them from the power source.

Never do this while standing in the water. The user should then have a technician or qualified person check it out.

When electrical equipment is exposed to water, it will help you somewhat minimize the damage and unfortunate risks. Share other great tips for everyone to know right below in the comments!