How to choose and keep apricot flowers fresh, long to lose their wings, still beautiful to play during Tet

If taking care of flowers is an art, the florist must be an artist. How to keep apricot flowers fresh for a long time, without losing their wings during Tet, with Dien May XANH, refer to the tips in the article below!


1 How to choose apricot flowers

Good morning

An ornamental tree is called beautiful and aesthetically pleasing when it possesses an eye-catching appearance, the shape of the tree is the soul of the tree.

If you only choose apricot blossom on the table or at the altar , you will choose small pots of apricots with branches rising to show health and development.

If you display apricots in the living room , you should choose larger pots of apricots , suitable for your living room. Apricot flower has branches divided into layers , flowers are spread evenly, strong branches, flexible shape, big buds, young leaves have just sprouted will be a beautiful apricot tree for your home space.

Dáng cây đóng vai trò quan trọng việc chọn mai đẹp

Young green or burgundy leaves

When choosing apricots, do not choose apricots with all green leaves or all flowers. You should choose apricot with a few young green leaves or red leaves , this is the young bud for a very lucky new year for you.

Chọn mai có một vài lá xanh non hoặc lá đỏ

Big root, for sure

Shake gently with your hand to check if the apricot stem is shaken or not . Buds on the tree should not wilt either, if you find that the bud is wilting, it is likely that the tree is exhausted, has broken roots or is uprooted.

Chọn mai có gốc to, chắc chắn, không bị lung lay

2 How to preserve apricot flowers

For apricot pots

If you want to show off your beauty for a long time on New Year's Day, follow these steps:

  • From December 12-15 , you proceed to pick apricot leaves . You can also replace it by spraying the leaves on their own .
  • On the 23rd of Tet , tomorrow will proceed to produce small buds.
  • 27 Tet , when apricots begin to bloom about 5%-10% , you use a multi-micronutrient compound called GA-3 to spray on the entire apricot tree. Apricot flowers when blooming will be very durable, can stay fresh for 10-15 days.

Vặt lá và phun thuốc đúng cách để mai nở tươi lâu

For apricots are cut and plugged into the vase

  • You should cut apricots early in the morning , use scissors to cut branches, do not make the cut bruised or cut. When cutting, cut diagonally to increase the area in contact with water for the plant.
  • After cutting, you slightly heat the base of the apricot branch (about 5 cm ) over the fire, then immediately plug the apricot branch into the water. Flower vases or flower pots must be washed thoroughly before that, to avoid leaving the apricot branches out for too long, after you have just cut them, they should be plugged into the water immediately .
  • Change flower arrangement water once a day , flower arrangement water must be clean water. If you use tap water, you should leave the water overnight before using it to change the water for the vase.
  • Each time you change the water, you should cut off the branches so that the flowers can absorb more water. If there are any wilted flowers in the vase, they should be removed immediately so as not to affect other flowers.

Thay nước cắm hoa mỗi ngày một lần để hoa tươi lâu

Above is the still beautiful. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose and keep the most brilliant pots of apricot flowers to celebrate Tet.