How to decorate and take care of yellow apricot flowers to bloom in time for Tet

The Lunar New Year is near, many families want to learn how to choose, buy, care for and decorate beautiful golden apricots. Therefore, the following article will tell you how to choose, decorate beautiful yellow apricots as well as care instructions to flower apricot flowers in time for Tet, let's see!


1 How to choose a beautiful yellow apricot tree

Big, strong apricot stem

An apricot tree is considered good and beautiful when it has a large and strong stump. The stump is an important part that supports and nourishes the tree to grow through the linked roots below. Therefore, you should choose apricot roots that have a part of the roots that emerges from the ground .

Gốc mai to, chắc khỏe

The shape of the tree is beautifully shaped

People who know how to play apricot trees will pay a lot of attention to the shape of the tree, because it will show the beauty and unique features of each apricot tree. Therefore, when choosing apricot shape, you should pay attention to choose round, sturdy, not peeling and bring high aesthetics.

Dáng cây được tạo hình đẹp

Apricot branches do not break, do not wither

For apricot branches, you should choose strong branches with no signs of breaking or withering so that buds and flowers can be nourished in the best way. In addition, you should also choose apricot trees whose branches are evenly distributed on the trunk, this helps the apricot look more balanced and beautiful.

Cành mai không bị gãy, khô héo

You should choose healthy and fresh apricot branches to feed the buds and flowers

The right number of buds

In order for apricot trees to bloom right on the occasion of Tet, you should choose plants with moderate blooms, not overblown and not too green. In addition, you should also note that the number of flower buds must be evenly distributed throughout the plant and each bud must be round and fresh.

Số lượng nụ vừa phải

2 How to take care of yellow apricot flowers to bloom on New Year's Eve

Air temperature from 25 – 30 degrees Celsius

Because apricot is a tree that prefers tropical climates, the southern region of our country is very suitable for growing apricots. The suitable and best temperature for apricots is in the range of 25 – 30 degrees Celsius. If it is too hot, it will flower early, or if it is too cold, it will come out later.

Nhiệt độ không khí từ 25 - 30 độ C

Nutrient-rich soil

Soil is an important factor for the growth of apricots. You need to prepare the soil with high porosity, rich in nutrients and make sure the soil is not waterlogged. In addition, you can provide the soil with other organic materials such as sawdust, coconut fiber, …

Đất trồng giàu dinh dưỡng

Water 1-2 times per day

If you already have a good source of soil for growing apricots, then you should calculate the amount of water provided to the tree each day to ensure good growth. Every day you should water the apricots about 1-2 times is enough, should not water too much or too little will affect the bloom.

Tưới nước 1 - 2 lần mỗi ngày

Plucking leaves at the right time

The flowering process of the apricot tree will take place when the apricot tree loses all its old leaves, then the flower buds will burst the husk. Green buds will bloom after 6 or 7 days from the time of husking. Therefore, plucking leaves at the right time is extremely important and should be done in mid-December of the lunar calendar .

Tuốt lá đúng thời điểm

If your yellow apricot blossom shows signs of slow or early bloom, you can apply one of two ways below:

How to stimulate flowers to bloom earlier

  • You can pluck leaves early around 10-12 December (lunar calendar) .
  • You actively choose the time to water in the sun or warm water in the middle of the night to stimulate the temperature to rise.
  • Besides watering, you can add NPK fertilizer about once every 5 days and with normal watering.

Cách kích hoa nở sớm hơn

Some samples of NPK fertilizers help apricots bloom faster

How to slow down flowers

  • To slow down the bloom, you should pluck the leaves around December 20 (lunar calendar) .
  • You put the potted plant in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and water the plant with cold water.
  • You should water every 2 days, you can add Urea fertilizer or dilute NPK fertilizer at a dose of once every 5 days.

Cách làm hoa nở chậm lại

3 Ways to decorate golden apricots on Tet holiday

Decorate tomorrow with red envelopes

The decoration of apricots with red envelopes is a traditional and very popular practice in our country. It carries a very special meaning, expressing belief in good fortune and abundance throughout your home.

Red envelopes represent good luck at the beginning of the year, you choose hard pressed red packets to hang on the tree with a colored string to create a highlight. In addition, you should evenly distribute the red packets throughout the branches to create a high aesthetic.

Trang trí mai với bao lì xì đỏ

Decorate apricot with red confetti

Today, confetti has become a familiar decoration and carries a great spiritual meaning for every family. Red firecrackers symbolize luck, joy, cheerfulness, … creating a bustling space in the first days of the new year.

The choice of confetti for apricot will depend on the size of the tree. If your apricot tree is big, you should choose large red confetti, bright colors and vice versa, you should choose moderate firecrackers for small apricot trees.

Trang trí mai với pháo giấy đỏ

Decorate the apricot tree with red lanterns

Asian-style red lanterns are often decorated on the apricot tree to make it stand out. The red lanterns will help your apricot tree become impressive and not be too boring with the usual decorations.

You should choose red lanterns that match the size of apricot trees and branches to create harmony. In addition, you can combine many other decorative materials to create eye-catching house space.

Trang trí cây mai với đèn lồng đỏ

Decorate tomorrow with flashing lights

To make the apricot tree look more sparkling and eye-catching at night, you can hang a few flashing lights on the tree. The flickering lights will help brighten the apricot tree and enhance the beauty of the buds or flowers when in full bloom.

You should choose string lights with small balls, not too big so that the decoration becomes easy and does not lose the natural beauty of the apricot tree. In addition, you should pay attention to the electrical path to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Trang trí mai với đèn nhấp nháy

Hope the above article will help you choose to buy a beautiful apricot tree, know how to care and decorate tomorrow for Tet!