How to get rid of cockroaches quickly from the house without chemicals

Have you ever been annoyed to see cockroaches running back and forth under the washing machine, or wandering around the kitchen area? So, try to apply 7 ways to quickly get rid of cockroaches from the house without using chemicals!


đuổi gián không dùng hóa chất

1 mint leaf or menthol

A study by the University of Iowa (USA) in 1990 that Ehow news site shared that: the scent of mint can repel cockroaches very effectively. Therefore, in areas where cockroaches are common, you can:

  • Set of mint.
  • Spray menthol. In addition, you can mix menthol with salt water (or white vinegar water) to make a solution against cockroaches.
  • Spray mint tea is also very effective! And don't put sugar in mint tea!

Lá bạc hà hoặc tinh dầu bạc hà

2 bay leaves

How to use bay leaves to repel obnoxious cockroaches in your house?

dùng lá nguyệt quế đuổi gián

You should rub 7-10 bay leaves in water , then just clean the house as usual. When cockroaches smell the smell, they will run out of your house!

3 breadfruit

Not only in the countryside, somewhere in Saigon, you will see breadfruit trees laden with fruit. At that time, you should pick one or a few to take home.

sử dụng trái sa kê để đuổi gián

Place breadfruit in places where cockroaches often frequent . The scent emitted from the breadfruit will not only repel cockroaches but also help your home have a pleasant aroma.

4 Onions

Obsessed with the pungent smell of onions makes you bored every time you cut them, and cockroaches are no exception.

hành tây có thể đuổi gián

Chop an onion, place it and place it in a place where cockroaches are common, or somewhere near the kitchen. The cockroaches will have to move house immediately!

5 seasoning powder

Mixture of seasoning powder, including: garlic powder + chili powder + onion powder + ground black pepper. Put this mixture on a plate, put it in the corner of the house where cockroaches frequent.

hỗn hợp bột ớt, tiêu, hành tây để đuổi gián

Applying this way of repelling cockroaches, you will feel uncomfortable about the inconvenience – because the powder can fly when the wind blows. Therefore, consider this method, or if you prefer, you should put the dough in a place with a corner away from the wind.

6 alum

Try cleaning the floor with alum water, you will scare away cockroaches and ants!

  • First, you use hot water to dissolve the alum.
  • Next, use a rag dipped in alum water, immediately clean that area. When the floor is dry, white alum is crystallized, deposited on the brick grooves of the floor.

phèn chua dùng để đuổi gián

7 Peels of oranges, lemons, grapefruits

When choosing to drink fruit juice, take advantage of the fruit peels after preliminary processing, in repelling quail cockroaches from your house, by:

  • Dry the peels of lemons, oranges or grapefruits.
  • Place the shells in places where cockroaches love to hang out.

With this method, you can both feel the pleasant aroma of the fruit peel and can effectively repel cockroaches.

vỏ cam, chanh, quýt, bưởi dùng để đuổi gián

Hope you will choose the most effective method for your home after referring to 7 ways to get rid of cockroaches without using chemicals!