How to properly wash clothes by hand is not sure you already know

In modern life, everyone can buy a washing machine for their home with new technology. However, the habit of washing clothes by hand - never be considered obsolete. So do you know how to wash clothes by hand properly?


giặt đồ bằng tay sao cho đúng cách

Since the appearance of the washing machine, laundry has become more and more convenient. Therefore, washing clothes by hand will no longer be an obsession for those who are busy working and do not have time to do laundry!

However, not everyone knows how to wash clothes by hand correctly! Please refer to how to wash clothes right below:

1 Pay attention to symbols on clothing labels

On clothing, labels often provide some basic information about the product that the manufacturer wants to convey to consumers. In it, you need to pay attention to the recommended washing symbols , including: temperature, drying method and some washing notes (if any).

kí hiệu trên nhãn mác quần áo

Most of us skip doing this! This is a very important step to help you prolong the life of your clothes and avoid unfortunate damage!

2 Sorting clothes

Washing clothes by hand, should it be sorted or not? Yes! You can categorize items according to the following criteria:

  1. Color

Sort white and colored clothes, to limit the color of other clothes.

phân loại quần áo

  1. Dirty level

It is also important to classify the degree of dirt, because the stain may be transferred to other clothes, or will be persistent and difficult to remove later.

Some pretty common stains:
  • Grease , oil stains: Put detergent on the back of the stain, leave for about 3 minutes and then wash by hand.
  • Blood stains : Soak in cold water for about 15 minutes, soak in soap or bleach for about 5 minutes, and then wash.
  • Food stains, ketchup : Soak – rub clothes in water for about 20 minutes, then wash with soap.

cần phân loại mức độ bẩn trên quần áo

Need to sort out stains before washing clothes

Thus, the benefit of sorting clothes by stains, will make it easier for you to clean. Remember to pre-treat stains before proceeding to the next cleaning job.

3 Select washing temperature

This step is often overlooked, because many people feel it is not important. However, paying attention to the washing temperature also brings the washing effect. That is also one of the reasons why modern washing machines have an extra convenient function!

chú ý đến nhiệt độ giặt

For each fabric material , there are often different washing temperatures , for example:

  • Colored clothes, clothes prone to fabric shrinkage: choose a washing water temperature of 30 degrees C
  • Clothes of linen, cotton, synthetic wool (generally made of fibers): choose a washing water temperature of 40 degrees C
  • Clothing nylon, synthetic cotton: choose a water temperature of 50 degrees C
  • Bed sheets, baby clothes, towels: choose a water temperature of 60 degrees C
  • Linen clothes, white cotton, easy to stain: choose a water temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.

Thus, when washing clothes by hand, you need to pay attention to choosing the appropriate washing temperature. Because, if the water is too hot, the clothes will shrink easily. While, with water that is too cold, the stains on clothes will still persist.

4 Choose the right washing powder

When washing clothes by hand, you need to avoid choosing washing powder for the machine ! Hand washing powder usually has less bleach than machine washing powder, but produces more foam.

In addition, you can choose washing water to bring better washing effect, the level of dissolution is faster than washing powder, so it does not leave soap residue on clothes. However, laundry detergent often costs more!

sử dụng bột giặt tay hay nước giặt

Choose the right detergent, washing liquid when you wash clothes by hand

5 Soak clothes

Have you ever noticed: should you put water first , or put water in after you put the clothes in the pot, or not? Perhaps few people notice this!

Ngâm quần áo đúng cách

In fact, with the strong water pressure that comes out of the faucet, it can distort the texture of the fabric and make it difficult for the detergent to do its job. Therefore, you need to add water and washing powder (bleach) before you put the clothes in the basin!

6 Rinse clothes

After the clothes are washed with soap, you need to push the clothes up and down in the basin of water until the soap is gone. Next, you just need to take the right amount of soapy water for the number of clothes, put in a basin of clean water and soak the clothes for about 15 minutes.

xả quần áo đúng cách để thơm lâu

7 Hanging clothes

Hand-washed clothes, you need to pay attention to drying clothes so that the clothes do not appear musty odors.

Because, when using hands to wring clothes will not be as dry as when you use the dryer. Plus, if there's not enough sunlight and ventilation, even if the item has a clip on it, it will easily be invaded by bacteria and cause an unpleasant odor.

phơi quần áo đúng cách để tránh bị hôi

Hopefully some of the above sharing will help you improve on how to wash clothes by hand properly!