How to remove long-term mold stains on clothes

What do you do when your favorite clothes get moldy? Throw it away or find ways to erase it? Let Green Machine tell you good tips to remove mold stains on clothes very effectively!


Use bleach

If the moldy clothes are light or colorless, choosing bleach is a very reasonable choice. Soak moldy clothes for a few hours with bleach mixed according to the directions on the label, and then hand wash as usual.

Or you can also follow the instructions on the bleach bottle and pour the bleach inside to wash. Always remember to wear rubber gloves when using bleach to protect the skin of your hands.

Tẩy vết mốc lâu ngày trên quần áo

White Vinegar

White vinegar when combined with laundry detergent will be an excellent mold remover. Mix a glass of white vinegar in a water with a ratio of 2:1 and soak the clothes in it for at least an hour. Then wash the soaked clothes again with washing water to increase the cleaning effect.

Giấm trắng kết hợp với bột giặt sẽ khử các vết mốc rất tốt

White vinegar combined with washing powder will remove mold very well


Borax is a natural mold remover, which you can buy as a powder or as a solution. If you buy powder, mix the powder with water in the ratio indicated on the instructions for use and then pour the solution directly into the washing tub and wash the clothes as usual.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the miracle cleaners. You put a glass of soda and clothes in the washing machine, choose the longest washing cycle and the highest temperature possible. You can apply this method a few times until the smell is gone. You can buy baking soda at bakeries.

Banking soda cũng là một chất tẩy rửa rất hiệu quả

Baking soda is also a very effective cleaner

Dry clothes in the sun

When your clothes are just starting to get moldy, wash them quickly and dry them in the sun. The sun will destroy all fungal spores clinging to the fabric and eliminate unpleasant musty odors. If the weather is wet, use it to dry and then dry your clothes in the sun as soon as possible.

Phơi quần áo ngoài nắng là cách trị và phòng quần áo bị nấm mốc

Drying clothes in the sun is a way to treat and prevent clothes from getting moldy

However, prevention is better than cure, keep in mind the following notes to keep your clothes smelling fresh, clean, and mold-free:

+ Take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as possible after the machine has finished washing.

+ Hang wet clothes on the drying rack as soon as they are removed from the washing machine.

+ Dry the inner clothes (be sure to check the washing instructions to make sure the clothes can be dried).

+ Sweaty clothes or wet swimwear should not be left in one place for too long. You should dry them on the drying rack to dry before putting them in the dirty laundry bin.

Lấy quần áo ra khỏi máy giặt ngay sau khi giặt và phơi ngoài nắng để quần áo luôn thơm tho và sạch sẽ.

Take clothes out of the washing machine immediately after washing and dry them in the sun to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

Hopefully with the above information, you have accumulated for yourself the experience of removing moldy clothes. If you have any contributions, feel free to contact us!