Instructions on how to clean and simple mattress at home

Each of us spends nearly a third of our lives in bed, so mattress cleaning is essential. Today, Dien May XANH will show you how to clean your mattress clean and simple at home, stay tuned!


1 Remove the sheets and mattress from the bed

Step 1: Remove pillows, blankets and decorations from the bed

Bỏ gối, chăn và đồ trang trí ra khỏi giường

  • Before cleaning the mattress, you need to clean all the things on the bed . Start by removing the top layers of items such as pillows, decorative pillows, blankets, toys, and other items.
  • Then remove the pillows, cover the blanket to wash. Next, fold the blanket and move the items on the bed to another location for easy cleaning.

Step 2: Dismantle the mattress

Tháo dỡ ga nệm

  • After completing step 1, you continue to remove the mattress cover on the mattress and mattress protector and take them to wash.

Step 3: Wash all your bed linen and sheets

Giặt toàn bộ vải trải giường và ga nệm của bạn

  • After removing the sheets and pillow covers, you collect them and take them to the laundry.
  • To ensure that your blankets and pillowcases are washed in the best way, you should refer to the washing programs available on the washing machine.
  • One of the tips to help you wash your bed sheets and pillow covers is to use hot water and set the drying mode to kill bacteria and dust mites hidden inside the mattress.

2 Clean and deodorize the mattress

Step 1: Vacuuming

Hút bụi

  • The mattress after a period of use will accumulate a large amount of dust, so you need to vacuum to remove mites, dirt, dead skin, hair loss and other debris from the mattress.
  • To remove all the dirt in the mattress, you should use a large brush and long nozzle .

Step 2: Treat spills

Xử lý vết nước đổ

  • To clean up spills, you need to prepare an absorbent towel . Then, gently rub the spill.

Step 3: Remove stains on the mattress

Loại bỏ các vết bẩn trên nệm

  • To remove stains on the mattress, you need to prepare a cleaning solution including: 2 spoons of hydrogen peroxide + 1 spoon of dishwashing liquid. Then dissolve the above mixture in a small bowl.
  • Next, use an old toothbrush dipped in the mixture and gently rub the stains on the mattress.
  • Finally, you and a damp cloth wipe away the cleaned stains.

Step 4: Remove biological stains with enzyme cleaning solution

Loại bỏ các vết bẩn sinh học bằng dung dịch làm sạch enzyme

  • Enzyme cleaning solution can break down proteins in blood, urine, sweat, vomit and other biological stains . In addition, this solution also helps to effectively treat stains caused by grease.
  • Spray some enzyme cleaning solution on a clean towel. Dab a towel over the stain and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Use that towel to continue dabbing on the dirty area to remove the stain. Blot the treated area with a clean cloth dipped in cold water.

Step 6: Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress

Rắc baking soda lên nệm

  • is one of the ingredients that are easy to find in the kitchen to help you clean and deodorize your entire mattress. To effectively eliminate mattress odors, sprinkle a lot of baking soda on your mattress.
  • If you want your mattress to have a pleasant scent, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda before sprinkling it on the mattress.

Step 7: Vacuum the mattress again

Để baking soda trên nệm 30 phút

  • After leaving the baking soda on the mattress for about 30 minutes , you proceed to suck the baking soda out of the mattress with a vacuum cleaner again. At this time, the odors absorbed by the baking soda will be completely cleaned by the vacuum cleaner.

Hút bụi thêm lần nữa

Step 8: Dry the mattress

Phơi nệm

  • After cleaning the mattress, you need to expose the mattress to the air for a while so that your mattress is dry and cool.

3 Ways to cover the mattress after washing

Step 1: Turn the mattress over

Lật nệm lại

  • After a period of use, you need to turn the mattress over to help the mattress surface settle more evenly when lying down.

Step 2: Protect the mattress

Bọc bảo vệ nệm

  • The mattress protector cover will help protect the mattress to help your mattress avoid water, dirt and other agents . With this protective layer, cleaning your mattress will be easier than ever.

Step 3: Re-spread the bed

Trải lại giường

  • After completing the above steps, you proceed to re-spread the bed sheet. Then roll the pillow and return the decorations to your bed.

Above is how to clean and simple mattress cleaning at home. Any questions please leave a comment below!