Ironed clothes are burnt, what to do?

When ironing clothes, there will be times when you are not careful with the iron leading to scorched clothes. Do not rush to leave, but let's learn how to fix it with Dien May Xanh tips below!


quần áo dễ bị cháy khi ủi

1 Clothes made of cotton yarn

Quần áo vải sợi bông

For clothes made from cotton materials such as t-shirts, children's clothes….you find a yellow burn on the clothes, immediately stop ironing, sprinkle a little salt on the burn. Use your hands to lightly rub the salt into the clothes, then leave it out in the sun for a few minutes, then wash the clothes with clean water, the burn will reduce or disappear completely.

2 Felt clothing or articles

With felt, you wash and rub several times the fabric layer in the area with the burn, the velvet layer in this area will slowly disappear, revealing the fabric underneath. At this point, you take a sewing needle and hook the fabric in the area with the burn continuously until that place ruffles the new layer of velvet.

quần áo với với chất liệu vải nỉ

When you have a new layer of velvet, take a wet towel to cover it, use an iron to iron it. Remember to iron in the opposite direction to the direction of the old coat, when the towel is dry, take it out, stop ironing, the burn will be gone.

3 Silk clothes

chất liệu vải lụa

Silk is both thin and soft, so if ironed incorrectly, it is easy to scorch and damage silk clothes. When you see yellow stains on silk clothes, take a little NAOH (or caustic soda) solution and mix it with water to form a thick consistency like porridge and then apply the solution to the burn.

Let the solution on the burn dry, peel off by itself, then you just scrape off this dry powder, the burn will also follow the powder to disappear on your silk clothes.

4 Clothes made of chemical fibers

Chất liệu vải từ sợi hoá học

With this type of garment, you place a soft microfiber towel dipped in water over the burn. Take an iron, iron it continuously on the surface of the towel, the burn will slowly disappear, if the burn is not too serious, you only need to iron for a few minutes, the burn will disappear very quickly.

5 Thick fabric jacket

áo khoác vải dày

Thick coat, you should not wash it too much, it will easily wear out the fabric, making your shirt quickly damaged, faded, and torn. When ironing a thick coat that is burnt, take a piece of fine, fine sandpaper and place it over the burn, using a small brush to brush it up to make the burn disappear easily.

So above you have been instructed by Dien May Xanh about some ways to "rescue" burnt ironed clothes. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below to be answered!