Meaningful activities to do on New Year's Eve with relatives and friends

Many people believe that activities on New Year's Eve greatly affect their luck, fortune and health in the new year. Here are the most meaningful activities for relatives and friends to do on New Year's Eve.


1 Meaning of New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve (also known as Lunar New Year's Eve) is the last night of the old year, the transition point between the old year and the new year, the beginning of the Rat hour (0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds on January 1st). ) . This night is an important night marking the end of an old year and the arrival of a new year. The old people live longer and the young become more mature.

New Year's Eve comes with the meaning of banishing evil spirits, demons, all evil things in the old year and bringing good luck and success to the new year. This is considered a time of rest, a time to shake off worries , a night of silence and spirituality.

Thời khắc giao thừa có ý nghĩa gì?

2 Activities on New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve, Vietnamese people often spend the last hours of the new year with the people they love and cherish.

New Year's Eve offerings

The New Year's Eve ceremony is offered at the right time at 00 o'clock on January 1 of the year. According to the custom of the Vietnamese nation since ancient times, the New Year's Eve offering table is divided into two trays, the altar for ancestors at the altar in the house and the altar for heaven and earth in the front yard.

Homeowners make offerings to wish for a good new year by lighting incense from the open air, then make a vow and light it inside the house to bring good luck.

Cúng giao thừa

In this ceremony at home, people refer to the merits of heaven and earth, ancestors, apologize to parents, make peace with each other, vent bad things and promise good things will be done.

Organize a year-end meal

This is a meal attended by all family members. However, before eating, every family also performs an important ritual: offering a tray of rice, inviting grandparents and ancestors to reunite with their family for 3 days of Tet.

Tiệc tất niên

House steaming

For families who want to break into the house by themselves, people often choose a person who is easy on the soul , suitable for the age to leave from the time of death, then when the death ceremony comes, they attend the ceremony at the temple or in the village, then ask for incense or pick buds. When returning to the new year, this person will break into the house for his family, bringing home the good things all year round.

For other families, one must ask a good relative or friend to come to the house early on the first day of the New Year, before guests come to wish the New Year, so that this person can bring good luck to the family. .

Xông đất

Celebrate New Year's Eve with friends

Every year is a rare occasion for a full gathering of friends , with many of them seeing it as the best time to meet friends, have fun and celebrate New Year's Eve after a year of traveling each other.

Đón giao thừa với bạn bè

3 Things to keep in mind on New Year's Eve for a good year

  • Before 12 o'clock at night , it is advisable to burn incense and pray to the Buddha on the altar of the Buddha or at an appropriate place in the house.
  • If you live alone, after New Year's Eve, you should turn on the television until morning for prosperity.
  • Whether you are a man or a woman, wherever you are, at the time of New Year's Eve, you should use a red pen to write the 4 words "successful code" on your palm and then clasp it. Men write in their left hand two words "code unique" (马到), write in their right hand two words "success" (成功), and women change their hands.
  • On the 30th day of Tet, especially the New Year's Eve, if you wear red clothes, the better . On the 30th day of the New Year, do not scold children, do not quarrel or it will be detrimental to the whole new year.
  • Furniture in the house, if something is damaged or chipped, should be repaired or discarded, replaced before New Year's Eve.
  • Check the lighting system in the house , if there are any bulbs that do not light up, they need to be replaced. In order to bring prosperity to the homeowner, to recharge the house with new yang energy, all electricity in the house should be turned on for 3 days and 3 nights .

Mở đèn sáng cho ngôi nhà

New Year's Eve is considered a time of transition to a new year, a time of rest, getting rid of troubles, a night of silence and spirituality. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!