Mixing ginger and toothpaste brings many unexpected uses

Did you know that mixing ginger and toothpaste brings many unexpected uses in life? Find out in the article below.


Toothpaste and ginger – 2 things that sound unrelated, but when combined, they solve many problems in your home. Toothpaste can be used as a cleaning agent and ginger is a familiar spice in the kitchen. So how do mixing ginger and toothpaste bring many unexpected uses?

first Supplies needed

  • first
  • 1 liter
  • first
  • 1 chopstick
  • 1 PC

Gừng và kem đánh răng Ginger and toothpaste

2 Doing

Step 1 You wash the ginger root and cut it into small slices , the thinner the better because if the ginger is sliced thin, the smell will be stronger. Then chop the ginger and put it in a bowl.

Gừng thái mỏng và băm nhỏ Thinly sliced and minced ginger

Step 2 You put a little toothpaste in a bowl of ginger , add a little warm water and use chopsticks to stir the mixture until the toothpaste dissolves.

Đâm một vài lỗ để mùi thơm tỏa ra Pierce a few holes for the fragrance to come out

Step 3 You cover the bowl with cling film, then use a sharp toothpick to poke a few small holes in it so that the aroma can come out.

Đâm một vài lỗ để mùi thơm tỏa ra Pierce a few holes for the fragrance to come out

3 Uses of ginger mixed with toothpaste

Deodorize the refrigerator

The refrigerator contains a lot of food from fresh such as , , , … to processed foods such as leftovers, ,… Each type of food has its own smell that creates a space with quite a lot of smell. in the cabinet. If you do not store raw food carefully, the smell of them every time you open the refrigerator is much stronger. They cling to the fan blades of the cabinet and create an unpleasant odor.

Gừng và kem đánh răng khử mùi tủ lạnh Ginger and toothpaste to deodorize the refrigerator

You use the toothpaste and ginger mixture above to deodorize the cabinet by placing this mixture in the refrigerator. After 1-2 days, when opening the cabinet, you will be surprised because the unpleasant smell has disappeared.

Eliminate the smell of bad trash

Trash cans are a place to store a lot of household waste throughout the day, making them smell bad, breed bacteria and can attract many types of insects. Spray a solution of toothpaste with ginger in the trash to eliminate odors and help insects not gather in the trash anymore.

Khử mùi thùng rác Deodorize trash cans

Clean toilets

How to clean a toilet with toothpaste and ginger pour the solution you just made above into a watering can and then spray it straight into the toilet. Note to remove the pieces of ginger in the solution. After spraying once, use a toilet brush to remove stubborn stains and then flush the toilet, the toilet is clean. The smell of the mixture of toothpaste and ginger is quite fragrant, eliminating the smell of the toilet.

Làm sạch toilet Clean toilets

Not only that, you can also take advantage of the solution to clean surfaces around the toilet or sink. These surfaces have similar materials, so deodorizing and cleaning with toothpaste with ginger is very effective. You can spray the mixture on the surfaces and then use a sponge or scouring brush to gently wipe the stain will be blown away.

Eliminate odors in shoe cabinets

Footwear that goes everywhere outside, along with wearing socks can make shoes more susceptible to odor. That's why shoe cabinets always have a characteristic unpleasant smell. A mixture of toothpaste and ginger can help you solve this problem by spraying the inside of the shoe cabinet. The shoe cabinet will be more hygienic and the bad smell will also be masked a lot.

Khử mùi hôi tủ giày Deodorize shoe cabinet

Ginger and toothpaste may sound unrelated, but with just a few simple steps, you can create a mixture that helps many corners of your home, right? If you find this tip good, don't be afraid to apply it to make your home space more airy and fragrant.

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