Pocket the secret to clean the refrigerator to welcome Tet in just 20 minutes

When Tet comes, we are always busy with New Year's work such as cleaning the house, cleaning the cabinets,... Especially, the refrigerator is always the most unpleasant person. Don't worry, with the useful tips below, you only need to use a little 20 minutes to clean the refrigerator to welcome Tet.


1 Preparation

Before you start cleaning the refrigerator, prepare the following items:

– A broom sweeps the house.

– A garbage bag.

– A soft sponge.

– Dish soap solution.

– Windshield washer fluid.

– An old toothbrush.

– Baking soda (also known as baking powder).

– Toilet paper.

– An absorbent cloth or an old terry towel.

– Vinegar.

Dụng cụ vệ sinh tủ lạnh

Then we will proceed with the cleanup as follows:

2 In the first two minutes: Sweep away dirt.

Unplug the refrigerator to ensure safe cleaning. Use a sweeping broom to slide underneath and sweep away the dirt. This dust removal will not only help your floors be cleaner, it also has the ability to reduce energy waste by up to 10%. Then, wipe more with a mop if desired.

Quét sạch bụi bẩn.

Wipe away dirt.

3 From 3rd to 7th minute: Empty the refrigerator.

Take everything out of the fridge and put it on a nearby table. Next, you should sort out the products with expiry date and expiry date to two sides. Any food that has passed its use-by date or has a tendency to change its taste should be thrown in the trash.

You can empty the food in expired glass or plastic containers, then keep the glass jars and plastic containers for other food later.

Dọn trống tủ lạnh.

Empty the refrigerator.

4 Minutes 8 to 10: Disassemble and clean drawers.

Take out all the freezer compartments, remove any removable parts , and put them in your kitchen sink. Put a little soap on a soft sponge and create a lather, then begin to gently clean the refrigerator’s pantry shelves.

You can use warm water to make cleaning more convenient, but be careful not to let the water get too hot to avoid cracking the drawers. Then put the drawers in a dry place, let them drain.

Tháo gỡ và làm sạch các ngăn tủ.

Disassemble and clean cabinets.

Next 5 minutes: Clean non-removable parts and cabinet interior.

Use a soft sponge or clean cloth to clean the interior of the cabinet. You have three options for refrigerator cleaning solution.

  • Use detergent – some people don’t like it because they think the detergent will stick and harm the food later on.
  • The second method is a mixture of white vinegar mixed with dilute warm water and mixed with a few drops of dish soap .
  • The third way is to mix two tablespoons with warm water, mix well and use it as a cleaning solution.

In this step, you should pay attention to carefully wipe the slots, shelves and on the side of the refrigerator door. An old toothbrush and mist sprayer will help you clean all the crevices and crevices. Don’t forget to use a paper towel to dry off!

Lau chùi những phần không thể tháo rời và nội thất bên trong tủ.

Clean the non-removable parts and interior of the cabinet.

6 Minutes 16 to 18: Put the food back in the cupboard.

Attach all the disassembled parts and drawers to the refrigerator, organize the food and plug in the refrigerator. You should wipe all the bottles and jars to keep everything clean. Another small note is to put a box of baking soda in the refrigerator to deodorize the food in the refrigerator.

When arranging food, you need to collect all kinds of similar products in adjacent positions to easily take out food later.

Sắp xếp lại thức ăn trong tủ

Rearrange the food in the cupboard

7 Last two minutes: Clean cabinet surfaces.

  • For refrigerators using enameled steel : Use paper towels and glass cleaner to clean the surface of the door and the handle. Use all-purpose cleaners to clean tough stains.
  • For stainless steel refrigerators: Dampen a cloth with vinegar and clean the cabinet.

Don’t forget to clean the top of the refrigerator!

Làm sạch bề mặt tủ.

Clean the cabinet surface.

With just 20 minutes, you can turn your refrigerator clean like new. Any questions please leave a comment below!