Refrigerator is open, does not close tightly: Causes, harm and solutions

Refrigerator doors are open, not closed tightly, not only causing cold air to be lost, but also causing many unwanted problems such as overloaded machine blocks, consuming a lot of power,... Let's find out Learn more about the causes, harms and ways to fix this condition of the refrigerator not closing properly!


1 Cause the refrigerator door is open

There are too many items in the refrigerator

Sometimes we often have the habit of placing heavy objects such as water bottles, and glass jars, … on the refrigerator door after use. This will cause the cabinet door to bear too much force and be pulled down, causing the cabinet to be open and not sealed, leading to cold air escaping.

Therefore, you should remove such heavy objects to reduce the weight of the refrigerator door.

Có quá nhiều đồ đặt trên thành tủ lạnh

Refrigerator without scale

When placing the refrigerator anywhere in the house, if the front of the refrigerator is tilted forward, the door will not close tightly due to the weight pulling it back out. You should check the balance of the refrigerator and then adjust it again.

To avoid the case of the refrigerator not weighing you need to find a flat place to place or putting the refrigerator on the base is best.

Tủ lạnh không cân

The hinges are not straight

After a period of use, the hinges of the refrigerator may stretch and sag. Causing the refrigerator door to be pulled, the door was left open, making it difficult to cool because the refrigerator was not sealed. To solve this problem, adjust the hinges and tighten them with a screwdriver.

Các bản lề tủ lạnh không thẳng

The Cabinet gasket is rusty

Refrigerator gaskets are gaskets to prevent cold air from escaping outside. Damaged gaskets will cause the refrigerator to not be able to maintain a sufficient temperature to preserve food.

Sometimes the refrigerator is not sealed just because the gasket is dirty. Dirty gaskets can be caused by long-term use, so they get dusty, or because of food leftovers. You just need to clean the gasket and the gasket will be tight right away.

Gioăng tủ lạnh bị rỉ mục

If the gasket is damaged such as cracked, torn, bent at the edges, or becomes hard and no longer flexible, it is time to replace the gasket. Please check the gasket regularly to avoid the refrigerator leaking cold air, which wastes the family’s electricity bill.

2 Harm when the refrigerator door is open

Food preservation is not good

An open refrigerator will cause cold air inside the refrigerator to be leaked out, making the refrigerator unable to meet the cold temperature enough to preserve food.

This will lead to poor preservation of food, even food may be spoiled, rancid, and have an unpleasant odor.

Tủ lạnh bảo quản thực phẩm không tốt

Consumes a lot of power

The refrigerator door is open, and not tight is one of the main reasons why the refrigerator consumes a lot of electricity.

Because when the door of the refrigerator is open, it will cause cold air to escape, so the refrigerator must work continuously to compensate for the loss of heat and meet the necessary cold. This will cause the device’s power consumption to be higher than usual.

Cửa tủ lạnh bị hở gây hao phí điện năng

The refrigerator block is perishable

If the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, the door is open, causing the cold air inside the refrigerator to escape, then the refrigerator will not achieve the required cold.

This leads to the situation of having to operate continuously to meet the required temperature, leading to a damaged block for a long time.

Tủ lạnh đóng không kín dễ khiến block bị hỏng

Fragile defrost unit

When the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, cold air is then lost to the outside, and humid air from outside can circulate into the refrigerator, leading to ice appearing on the indoor unit.

At this time, the defrost part of the device has to work harder, greatly affecting the durability and operability of the device, making it less effective over time.

Bộ phận xả đá dễ hỏng

Refrigerator is loud

Cold air inside the refrigerator will escape if the refrigerator door is left open, causing the temperature of each compartment to not reach the required cold. As a result, the equipment continues to operate the refrigeration processes to reach the required temperature. When the block is overloaded, it will make the refrigerator make noise, causing discomfort to everyone in the family.

On the other hand, when the refrigeration unit runs continuously to try to provide enough temperature for the refrigerator, it is easy to see snow in the indoor unit. At this time, the fan blades when operating will rub against the snow layer creating noise in the cabinet.

Tủ lạnh kêu to

The refrigerator is leaking water

When the refrigerator door is open or the rubber gasket does not breathe, the cold air inside the refrigerator is released, and at the same time, the outside temperature circulating into the refrigerator will cause the ice in the compartment to melt into water, leading to Refrigerator freezer is leaking water.

In addition, if your refrigerator is experiencing snow accumulation and the device is in auto-off mode but the door is not closed, then the outside temperature entering will cause the snow to melt, forming water overflow. out.

Tủ lạnh bị chảy nước

The refrigerator is not running

If your refrigerator is not tightly closed, it will cause the unit to work at full capacity to meet the cold that it is lost to.

If this situation is not detected early, for a long time the components inside the refrigerator will be severely damaged, causing the refrigerator to not run or operate normally anymore.

Tủ lạnh không chạy

3 ways to fix the refrigerator door is open

When the refrigerator door is open, you can apply the following steps to fix this situation, specifically:

Step 1: Adjust the base of the refrigerator so that the front of the refrigerator is slightly higher than the back of the refrigerator.

Điều chỉnh lại chân đế của tủ lạnh

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of silicone lubricant to the hinges of the refrigerator door. Rub this lubricant into the folds of the door seals. Then, close and open the cabinet door to check if the door is not stuck. You can add more lubricant if needed.

Step 3: When the hinge of the cabinet door is loose, it will cause the door to open, resulting in an open refrigerator. Therefore, you should re-tighten all hinges firmly to ensure that the cabinet door hinges are in place.

Vặn chặt lại tất cả các bản lề của cánh cửa tủ lạnh

Step 4: After tightening the hinges, you close/open the cabinet door a few times to see if the door is still closed.

Step 5: If the refrigerator door still cannot close, you should check the entire rubber gasket on the cabinet door, if the gasket is open, replace it with a new one. This will cause the refrigerator door to not close properly.

Kiểm tra toàn bộ phần gioăng cao su trên cánh cửa tủ

4 Notes when using to avoid the refrigerator door opening

  • Use your hand to close the refrigerator door carefully, and gently, and make sure the door is completely closed.
  • Regularly clean out the cabinet and remove unnecessary food and especially expired food. Avoid leaving the refrigerator in a situation where there is so much food that the door does not close properly.
  • Limiting too much food on the cabinet door, especially heavy objects such as water bottles, and milk bottles, … for a long time will cause the cabinet door to sag, leading to the door opening and closing.
  • Clean and clean the refrigerator periodically, especially the door rubber gasket. Because food may fall here, if left for a long time it will oxidize and lose the grip of the door gasket.

Lau chùi, vệ sinh tủ lạnh định kỳ tránh tình trạng cửa tủ bị hở

The above article has outlined the causes, harms, and ways to fix the open or closed refrigerator door. Hope this article will help you keep your refrigerator like new. Any questions or contact to order products, please comment below!