Soak anise with white vinegar, bring many unexpected uses

Soaking anise with white vinegar brings many unexpected benefits that few people know about. Let's learn how to make and use the great benefits of the two ingredients above!


White vinegar and star anise are probably ingredients that are no longer strange to everyone. But today Bach Hoa GREEN will introduce their great uses!

first How to soak star anise with white vinegar


  • White Vinegar
    Food wrap

Giấm trắng và hoa hồi White vinegar and star anise


Step 1 Prepare a small bowl and add the star anise. Then, pour white vinegar into the bowl of anise, and let soak for about 15 minutes.

Step 2 Cover the white vinegar and star anise mixture with cling film while soaking. After soaking, take a toothpick, poke a few small holes in the wrapper and you’re done.

Các bước thực hiện hoa hồi ngâm giấm trắng Steps to make star anise soaked in white vinegar

2 Uses of star anise soaked in white vinegar

Deodorize the refrigerator

The first useful use of anise white vinegar mixture is to eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator compartment.

Hỗn hợp sẽ giúp khử mùi hôi khó chịu trong tủ lạnh The mixture will help eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator

There are usually a lot of different fresh ingredients in the fridge. Therefore, it will be easy to smell each other and create an unpleasant smell. Directly placing the mixture of aniseed white vinegar in the refrigerator will quickly eliminate odors in the refrigerator.

Insect repellent

The next useful use is to place this mixture next to the window frame, where there are many. This mixture will work to repel some insects that want to fly into the house. Placing it next to a window, or somewhere with wind, will help speed up the process of odor removal and repel insects.

Có tác dụng đuổi các loại côn trùng Effective in repelling insects

White vinegar has a disinfecting and bactericidal effect, while the smell of anise has the effect of repelling some insects. That’s why around the window frames the smell of white vinegar and star anise. Insects do not like the pungent smell of anise, so they will not fly into the room.

Deodorize the kitchen

The third use is to place it in the kitchen to remove the smell of grease in the kitchen. The stove often has a lot of oil smoke, so put a mixture of white vinegar and star anise directly on the stove to quickly absorb the oil odors.

Hỗn hợp có công dụng khử mùi rất tốt cho nhà bếp The mixture has a very good deodorizing effect on the kitchen

In white vinegar, there is acetic acid, which can eliminate the smell of stubborn oil smoke in the kitchen. In addition, the aroma in star anise has the effect of deodorizing unpleasant food in the kitchen, helping to keep the kitchen smelling fresh.

Deodorize the toilet

Please put this solution in the bathroom and toilet. The smell of anise white vinegar solution gives off a very fragrant aroma, which is continuously released from the small holes perforated, which will increase the fragrance of the bathroom and toilet. Help the bathroom and toilet no longer have bad smell, very good effect.

Khử mùi nhà vệ sinh rất hiệu quả Deodorize the toilet very effectively

Through the above article, we hope to have brought useful ideas from simple ingredients available in the family, making housework easier!