Suggesting types of Tet gift wrapping for the new year 2022 are super simple and fast

Tet holiday is approaching, a Tet gift basket will be a very meaningful gift for you to give to your loved ones. Let's find out the types of Tet gift wrapping for the new year 2022 super simple through the article below.


1 How to choose Tet gifts?

Giving Tet gifts is a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. A meaningful Tet gift basket not only shows the sender's heart but also has to be subtle, practical and suitable for the recipient's needs, and at the same time, also replaces the most sincere message you give. gift to them.

Tet gifts for grandparents, parents

To show gratitude and respect to grandparents and parents, you should choose appropriate Tet gifts such as fruits or healthy functional foods (such as bird's nest, reishi, ginseng, milk) ,…).

Besides, health support devices such as , , , … are also practical gifts that you can give to grandparents and parents.

Quà Tết cho ông bà, cha mẹ

For grandparents and parents, the most meaningful thing every Tet holiday is the family reunion . Therefore, having a good health to be happy, gathering with their children and grandchildren is always their top concern. Send these New Year's gifts to your grandparents and parents to say good health to them at the beginning of the new year, wishing them a healthy, peaceful and happy year.

These gifts you need to pay attention to choose carefully, quality . Fruit must be fresh to represent good luck, functional foods must carefully consider nutritional composition, appropriate use and storage conditions. Healthcare devices must also be safe and easy to use for grandparents and parents.

Tet gifts for wife

Tet is a special occasion for you to show your care to your beloved wife, instead of thanking them for taking time to take care of their family during the past year.

On Tet holidays, women often have to work hard and are busy taking care of their families on both sides of the family, inside and out , buying clothes for children, cleaning the house,… and often don't have much time. Time to take care of yourself.

Quà Tết cho vợ

Therefore, beautiful gifts such as clothes, dresses, shoes, wallets, … or suitable cosmetics will make them happy and touched. You can also give skin care support products such as , , … to women to show your sophistication and care for your partner.

In addition, household products such as , , , … are also great ideas that will surely make the sisters fall in love with your thoughtfulness.

Tet gifts for brothers and sisters, friends

Choosing Tet gifts for siblings and friends will be less fussy than choosing gifts for other objects because these are the people with whom you are relatively close and easy to share with each other.

Therefore, most traditional Tet gifts will be appropriate to give them, such as confectionery, jam, fruit, beer, wine, flower pots on Tet holiday,… accompanied by a New Year's greeting. Meaningful and lucky will help the friendship be bonded stronger.

Quà Tết cho anh chị em, bạn bè

Tet gifts for bosses and colleagues

In business relationships, a carefully selected and delicate Tet gift for your superiors or partners will show your sincere intentions for them.

However, this target group will be relatively difficult to choose gifts on the occasion of Tet because most do not really understand their preferences, personalities and habits. Therefore, you also need to take the time to thoroughly understand this issue before choosing the right gift.

Quà Tết cho sếp, đồng nghiệp

A luxurious, high-class and valuable gift will be a worthy choice, such as wine, feng shui paintings, … or country gifts, regional specialties can also be Italian gifts. means.

2 Layouts for the perfect gift basket

After you have determined which gift to give to whom, the next thing you have to consider is to arrange the gift basket layout so that it is reasonable. A gift basket with a reasonable, beautiful outer appearance will also help add meaning and highlight the gift inside.

New Year greeting cards

A perfect gift basket definitely needs a New Year greeting card to accompany it. Because there are many wishes that you cannot say with your mouth, Tet greeting cards will help you do it in the most delicate and sincere way .

Thiệp chúc Tết

Depending on the recipient of the gift, you should choose the appropriate type of Tet greeting card. For grandparents, parents or superiors, colleagues, you should choose a delicate, luxurious and polite Tet greeting card . As for friends and brothers and sisters, you can choose a more creative, youthful and unique New Year greeting card.

Tet jam, confectionery

Tet would not be complete without Tet confectionery and jam. Therefore, with a Tet gift basket more or less, you should also include some candies to look eye-catching as well as bring more typical and traditional flavors of Tet.

Currently on the market there are many famous confectionery brands with a variety of designs and flavors for you to choose from. You should pay attention to choose reputable and genuine brands to show the thoughtfulness and sophistication in choosing Tet gifts as well as ensuring the recipient's health during the Tet holiday.

Mứt tết, bánh kẹo


Drinks for Tet are also quite diverse and rich . You should choose the right drink for each object and need to use.

  • Wine

Wine is the most luxurious drink you can give during Tet. Wines, in addition to high-end value, also have an easy-drinking taste and low alcohol content , which you can give to both the elderly or women. This is also a particularly suitable gift for your work partner.

  • Tea

Tea is a traditional drink of Vietnamese people and is also quite easy to drink, so it is suitable for gifting to many people . Many types of tea have high nutritional value to help promote health, so it will be an appropriate gift for your grandparents or family and friends with elderly people.


  • The coffee

Coffee is also a familiar drink of Vietnamese people, so it will be suitable for gifting to many people. On the market today, there are many famous and quality coffee brands as well as a variety of types for you to choose from such as: ground coffee, roasted coffee, instant coffee, …

Cà phê

  • Functional foods

Usually, functional foods are meaningful and practical gifts, so they are often chosen with gift baskets for the elderly, grandparents and parents with good health wishes at the beginning of the year.

Functional foods can be nutritional milk (additional calcium, vitamins, minerals, …) or more advanced such as bird's nest, ginseng, … have extremely good nourishing effects. You should also carefully study the uses of these functional foods to be more suitable for each type of audience.

Thực phẩm chức năng


Giving fruit for Tet has a lot of good luck , so the recipient will usually be happy to receive this gift. The article will also suggest you the meaning of some fruits for you to choose accordingly.

  • Watermelon

Watermelon is a typical fruit for Tet. The sturdy, durable green shell, lucky red intestine, fortune will be an extremely meaningful New Year's greeting for friends and relatives.

Dưa hấu

  • Soursop, enough, coconut, mango,…

The fruits in the five-fruit tray on Tet holiday will also be a suitable gift for each fruit with its own color and meaning . For example, pineapple, lychee, custard apple, … carry the meaning of luck, while coconut, papaya, mango, orange, … carry the meaning of fortune.

  • Kiwi, cherry, grape,…

These fruits carry the meaning of luxury, wish for wealth , bring high value to your gift basket.

Giỏ hoa quả

3 Unique types of Tet gift wrapping

Finally, to have a complete Tet gift basket that is both meaningful and unique, gift wrapping is also extremely important. Depending on the type of gift, you should choose a gift basket and a different way of wrapping it. Let's take a look at some ways to wrap Tet gifts below.

Gift wrapping with baskets

Wrapping Tet gifts with baskets is the most popular way of wrapping today. There are many types of baskets made from bamboo, rattan, flexible plastic , … with diverse designs such as round frame, square frame, oval frame , … comes with a simple but still-looking handle. beautiful and luxurious.

In principle, gift wrapping with baskets, small gifts should be placed in the front, larger and taller boxes should be placed behind. And the most meaningful and valuable gifts are put in the center position. For example, wine, Tet jam boxes should be kept in the middle, surrounded by smaller packages of cakes, candies, tea and coffee boxes,…

Gói quà bằng giỏ

Try not to reveal the gaps on the gift basket , but fill them with candies or colorful styrofoam, etc. After arranging, carefully use tape to wrap around the gift basket to place the items. Gifts do not fall out during the move. Finally, you can decorate the handle with a bow as an accent to make the gift basket look eye-catching and outstanding.

Gift wrapping depends on the aesthetic taste and ingenuity of each person. Gift baskets should be wrapped in the most harmonious way so that the recipient can feel your meticulousness and sophistication.

Wrap gifts with towels

Usually, there are quite a few people who use towels to wrap gifts, but this is a very unique and creative way to wrap gifts. Gifts that can be wrapped with towels such as wine, candy boxes, tea boxes, … promise to bring many surprises to the recipient.

Gói quà bằng khăn

You need to use a square or rectangular scarf with bright colors, not too bright, maybe accompanied by some elegant patterns suitable for Tet atmosphere, and soft fabric to wrap gifts. At the same time, the gifts inside also need to be neatly arranged so that when wrapped, they will have the most beautiful shape.

About how to wrap a gift with a towel, you can learn more about it online, YouTube, … with many instructions on how to wrap gifts meticulously and in detail.

Gift wrapping by box

Gift boxes are also chosen by many people to hold Tet gifts because they look neat and beautiful . A carefully selected gift box with a formal design will show you as a polite and sophisticated person.

Gift boxes are usually made from paper material , so they are quite compact, pre-designed with many compartments inside for you to freely choose to suit the gift you need to give. The neatly arranged gifts inside will help exude elegance and courtesy to your gift box.

Gói quà bằng hộp

In addition, you can also make your own handmade box according to your preferences. About how to do it, you can refer to many sources online or watch specific instructions via YouTube. Gift boxes will become more meaningful when you make them yourself, right?

Gift wrapping with paper bags

Finally, wrapping gifts with paper bags is probably the simplest way to deliver your gifts to the recipient.

Many people choose to use paper bags because of the convenience and speed . You just need to put the gift you want to give into the bag, you can attach a New Year greeting card inside. The outside of ordinary paper bags will have an eye-catching design with the words "Happy New Year" simple but effective.

Gói quà tết bằng túi giấy

Because the way to wrap gifts with paper bags is quite quick, you also need to pay attention to arrange the gift inside so that it is reasonable and tidy to show your sincerity and thoughtfulness.

The above article has helped you get more suggestions about unique and simple Tet gift wrapping styles for the new year 2022. Wish you all success to send this meaningful Tet gift to your loved ones. me alone!