Suggestions for 12 meaningful and unique Vietnamese Family Day gifts in 2022

Vietnam Family Day June 28 is an opportunity for you to give gifts to your parents, spouse and children. Find out about Vietnam Family Day 2022 gifts.


Vietnam Family Day is an opportunity for you to show your love to your loved ones in your family. Do you know what gifts to send to your family yet? If you are still wondering about choosing, follow the suggestions below for 12 meaningful and unique Vietnamese Family Day gifts in 2022!

first Meaningful gifts for parents on Vietnamese Family Day


Household items will be both practical and meaningful gifts for parents. You can buy your parents a refrigerator, a rice cooker, an oven, a microwave, etc. to replace the old items in the house. These gifts are very useful in life, helping your parents to live more easily and comfortably.

Những món đồ gia dụng sẽ là món quà vừa thiết thực vừa ý nghĩa cho bố mẹ Household items will be both practical and meaningful gifts for parents

Massage chair

A massage chair is a meaningful health gift for your parents . Elderly people often suffer from aches and pains, massage chairs are the most suitable gift at this time. Massage chairs have many massage modes suitable for all subjects , helping to relax muscles, soothe back pain, shoulder pain, …

Một chiếc ghế massage là một món quà sức khỏe ý nghĩa cho bố mẹ bạn A massage chair is a meaningful health gift for your parents

Air purifier

Currently, air purifiers are a device used by many people, improving the quality of life. Air purifiers have the ability to filter out dust, odor-causing agents, mold, etc., thereby creating a fresh and cool atmosphere for your home.

On this Vietnamese Family Day, buy an air purifier as a gift for your dear parents!

Máy lọc không khí Air purifier

Functional foods

There is nothing more important than the health of parents, health gifts are always a top priority when thinking about gifts for parents. On the occasion of Vietnamese Family Day, please give your beloved parents a variety of functional foods to nourish the body such as food, nutrition, etc. to support health and prevent possible diseases. come out!

Thực phẩm chức năng Functional foods

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2 Sincerely Vietnamese Family Day gifts for husband and wife

Shirt for husband

The shirt will be a perfect choice for women to give to their husbands. Shirts are essential and can be worn on many different occasions . A well-fitting shirt that suits him makes a great gift.

Áo sơ mi cho chồng Shirt for husband

Watches for husbands

Men are very fond of fashion watches. This accessory helps guys become more stylish and elegant. Choose a watch model that suits your personality and likes to give as a gift.

Đồng hồ cho chồng Watches for husbands

Jewelry for wife

For women, jewelry is an indispensable accessory. Husbands, please give your beloved wife a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring, .. they will be very happy and surprised.

You can buy gifts yourself to surprise your wife or take her to jewelry stores so that they can choose the right jewelry for themselves!

Trang sức cho vợ Jewelry for wife

Cosmetics for the wife

Cosmetics are the endless passion of any girl. Husbands, please buy eyeshadow, cushion box, give to your beloved wife on Vietnamese Family Day. I'm sure the girls will be very happy to receive this gift from you.

Mỹ phẩm cho vợ Cosmetics for the wife

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3 Unique Vietnamese Family Day gifts for children


On the occasion of Vietnamese Family Day, parents can buy a favorite toy for their child . You can take your baby to the shopping mall, toy store so that he can freely choose his favorite toys.

If your child is a girl , you can buy dolls, teddy bears, makeup sets, doctors, chefs, cartoon character costumes, …

If your baby is a boy, you can buy control cars, lego sets, balls, superhero toys, robots, …

Đồ chơi Toy


Children's books will be a meaningful gift for your child, both entertaining and providing useful knowledge. You can read books with your baby to make the whole family more connected!

Những cuốn sách thiếu nhi sẽ là một món quà ý nghĩa cho con bạn Children's books will be a meaningful gift for your child

Learning tools

Learning tools have many cute and unique models, which are loved by many children. Learning tools with cartoon characters, comics are very popular with children . These gifts both bring joy and create excitement for your baby in learning.

Dụng cụ học tập Learning tools

New clothes

Every little child loves to have new clothes, to wear to go out, to go to extra school. On the occasion of Vietnamese Family Day, parents should buy cute "dresses" for their beloved children, according to their preferences . Parents can go shopping with their children, both creating opportunities for the whole family to go to the holidays, and can freely choose gifts for the baby. I'm sure your baby will love it.

Quần áo mới New clothes

Above are 12 meaningful and unique gifts for Vietnam Family Day 2022 that Bach Hoa Xanh has synthesized. Hope this article has brought many good suggestions for you on this meaningful family day!

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