Summary of 40+ statuses, good sayings to say goodbye in July, goodbye to her soul

The month of July has passed, leaving happiness and sadness for everyone. Let's send friends status, good saying goodbye to the soul of July and pray for good luck for the new month.


Another month has passed, especially the 7th lunar month, the month that leaves us with many different emotions and especially Vu Lan festival. Today, Bach Hoa GREEN will suggest you some good statuses to say goodbye to this soulful month.

first Goodbye to the month of the soul

Lời chúc tạm biệt tháng bảy Goodbye July greetings

1. Goodbye month of the soul. Hope everything goes well for everyone

2. Please go quickly, come back quickly so we can do business and make money together

3. I'll break up with you 'her soul'

4.Luckily I didn't get hit by her palm, goodbye, my soul!

5. No goodbye, goodbye to the ghost month!!!

6. Happy month has passed, I wish everyone a more favorable business

7. See you next year, welcome good things to come

8.Hello my July girl

9. In the 7th lunar month, the rain has passed. Go to work with my sorrows, goodbye, July girl.

10.July came back gently and suddenly, goodbye to the ghost month!

2 Funny status goodbye to the 7th lunar month

Status tạm biệt tháng 7 âm lịch hài hước Funny status goodbye to the 7th lunar month

11. Even pain melted into water, touched the heart of heaven, let Heaven's tears fall to earth for a whole week without stopping, Oh July rain…

12. Hello summer drizzle, I come to the heavy rain of July to wash things that are too old, the rainwater brings sadness far away, to the big river. Bye!

13. The month of July was hot and sunny, but it rained suddenly. July is near but far, so weird

July 14. Reaching out to pick autumn, taking a step back into the summer sky.

15. In June, the weather is so hot, I have to say goodbye to the heat of the 7th lunar month

16.Hello, my soul, we can let go of each other's hands!!

17. The world is also strange, the lunar calendar in July, endless emotions in the word Love

18. People often think that July is a month full of bad luck, trouble and trouble, but for Eastern people, July is the month of love.

19. Goodbye month, hope love will come to our hearts again in the new month

20. The rainy season keeps reminding me of her, cuddling is still cute

3 Good poem goodbye July soul

21. Good poem goodbye to July soul

Far from July, the rain melancholy wanders

Close your eyelids and reminisce about the old month

I yearn for the first love

22.July season of love, waiting appointments

July goes away in nostalgia

Soft rain drops flying to save the heart

Flickering illusion of pain

In that far away country send happy wishes

23.July to the end of July

The golden sun shoots back on the street

Sorrow spreads all over the path of sorrowful eyes

Sad heart nostalgic, ask why?

24. The pig wind sows the old eaves

Cloudy clouds, the sky turns gray in the afternoon

Autumn flower buds are waiting for you

July 25. Mossy rain drops on the porch

July passed gently

The sky is cloudy and rainy

Sometimes it's sunny

Absence of cloudy July

26.July accidentally pulls rain in a small way

Raindrops are angry like a festival bubble

Melody every grain like a love song

But a glimpse of deep sadness

27. At the end of July, the cloud pig suddenly rushed back

The rustling leaves gently sway in the wind

The passionate scent of autumn rushes back

Rainy July sends a message of so many feelings

4 Wishes, greetings for the month of August, lucky calendar

Lời chúc, status chào tháng 8 âm lịch may mắn Wishes, greetings for the month of August in the lunar calendar

28.Goodbye July hello August full of luck and happiness

29. Always know that there is someone who understands and loves you, that person is always there for you even when you feel most alone! Hello August, you always have me!

30. Hello dreamy August, I'm a traveler here and there. Just looking for a place to stop.

31. Goodbye, July, August is knocking door to door!

32.August sow seeds for me with dreams, ambitions, and hopes for a good future

33.August, the month of reunion, of memories, I wish to return to the days when I was a child…

34. The rain from August brings dreams, adventures, sweet childhood memories

35. Wishing you a lot of luck in August

36. The flight "Hello August" is about to take off, wish you peace, happiness, health and good luck in this August trip!

37. Welcome August with new hope!

The above article is good and meaningful status to bid farewell to the lunar month of the soul. Follow Bach Hoa XANH more often to update useful information!

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