Take advantage of discarded banana peels to make simple and economical banana essential oil

Take advantage of discarded banana peels to make simple and economical banana essential oil. Did you know about this method? Let's find out with us.


After eating, the shell will be discarded. But did you know, we can make banana essential oil from that banana peel? To learn more about how to do it, do not skip this article.

1 How to make banana essential oil

Ingredients for making banana essential oil

  • Fresh banana peel
  • or grass oil
  • Plastic bag

Nguyên liệu làm tinh dầu chuối Ingredients for making banana essential oil

How to make banana essential oil

Step 1 You need to prepare fresh banana peels, then cut the banana peels into small pieces.

Step 2 You put the cut banana peels into a plastic bag and tie the bag tightly.

Step 3 You use a beater and smash the banana peel until the banana peel is soft and smooth.

Step 4 You put the crushed banana peel into a glass jar, then add almond oil or grass oil. You close the lid of the glass jar tightly and put the jar in a place with sunlight (You need to pay attention to the glass jar, shake the jar once every 2 hours).

Step 5 You repeat step 1, continue to cut the banana peel, then crush it and put it in a glass jar containing the mixture made above, this step will be repeated many times until you see the banana aroma is fragrant enough. is to be.

Step 6 You prepare the sieve, then the sieve to separate the banana peel and essential oil. The essential oil you filter is banana oil and we’re done.

Cách thực hiện tinh dầu chuối How to make banana essential oil

2 Benefits of banana essential oil

Helps moisturize dry skin

Banana essential oil helps to moisturize dry skin, smoothes skin, and hydrates your skin. Along with that, banana oil also helps protect the skin from external influences such as.

Giữ ẩm cho da khô Moisturize dry skin

Helps fight skin aging

Banana essential oil is useful. Banana oil has the ability to stimulate the formation and reproduction and along with that helps to reduce the possibility of wrinkles on the skin.

Helps to remove scars and dark spots

The banana essential oil has the effect of removing scars and dark spots because when used banana oil will help increase blood flow and stimulate the healing of scars on the skin. Along with that, will help your skin become rosy.

Helps strengthen the immune system

Banana essential oil is rich in compounds and compounds. Thereby, helping to strengthen the body’s immune system.

Helps prevent dandruff

When you use banana essential oil regularly, it will help limit dandruff very effectively. Along with that, a banana essential oil also helps prevent irritation on the scalp.

Giúp ngăn ngừa gàu Helps prevent dandruff

Helps prevent hair loss

Using banana oil will help you prevent hair loss, and make your hair smooth. Along with that, it also helps to directly infuse nutrients into the hair fiber, thereby reducing hair loss very effectively.

How to make banana essential oil from banana peel is very simple and very economical. Please apply this method immediately.