Located quite close to Ho Chi Minh City, Tay Ninh is a border province with many attractive tourist resources that attract all types of tourists. One of them cannot fail to mention the extremely unique and somewhat familiar cuisine of many Saigon people. Today, let's take a look at the specialties of this holy land with Bach Hoa XANH.

first Which Tay Ninh specialties to buy as gifts?

Tay Ninh pomelo spring rolls

With all-natural ingredients such as grapefruit peel, rice ear, sour star fruit, green papaya, … pomelo spring rolls are Tay Ninh specialties that are very suitable for vegetarians . You can easily find bunches of pomelo spring rolls hanging for sale on both sides of the road in the major roads of Tay Ninh province.

Tay Ninh pomelo spring rolls

Places to sell delicious Tay Ninh pomelo spring rolls:

Reference price: 30,000 VND/dozen.

Cake mix

Mixed rice paper is probably an attractive and familiar dish for young people , especially students. However, in the land of dew-dried rice paper – Tay Ninh , this rice paper seems to return to its original deliciousness. With all kinds of different ingredients, you will have a feast of taste when tasting the mixed rice paper here.

Cake mix

Places to sell delicious mixed rice paper:

Reference price: 10,000 VND – 20,000 VND/piece.

Tay Ninh shrimp salt

Muối tôm Tây Ninh Tay Ninh shrimp salt

Although it is not as old as Tay Ninh, it is preferred by the majority of people everywhere because of its moderate spiciness, mixed with the sweetness of sugar, monosodium glutamate and characteristic shrimp flavor . Shrimp salt can be seasoned for grilled dishes or simply used as a dipping sauce for you to enjoy.

The place to sell delicious Tay Ninh shrimp salt:

Reference price: 50,000 VND – 150,000 VND/kg depending on the type.

Tay Ninh sour sauce

Tay Ninh sour fish sauce is a specialty dish with a relatively strong flavor , with the main ingredients being , fish , , and . Although it will be a bit "challenging" for first-timers, this is a favorite dish of the locals. If you have the opportunity to come to Tay Ninh, you should not miss this dish.

Tay Ninh sour sauce

Places to sell delicious Tay Ninh sour sauce:

Reference price: from 40,000 VND / jar.

Gooseberry jam

Mứt chùm ruột Gooseberry jam

The intestines that undergo a sophisticated processing will have a rich sweet and sour taste, mixed with a little spicy of extremely attractive. In addition, this dish also has the effect of cooling, tonic liver, blood tonic. You can enjoy them with hot tea, enjoy the elegance that this dish can bring, it will be a wonderful experience.

Places to sell delicious gooseberry jam in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: From 60,000 VND / jar.

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Rice cake

Bánh tráng phơi sương Rice cake

Dew-dried rice paper is a dish from Tay Ninh that is extremely attractive to all ages, because of its moderate softness, flexibility and toughness without having to be dipped in water like other types. Normally, we will use this type of rice paper to roll with , , add a little, , and then dot it, then there is nothing to complain about.

Places to sell delicious dew-dried rice paper in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: 45,000 VND – 75,000 VND/kg.

Kayaking Tay Ninh

Thèo lèo Tây Ninh Kayaking Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh has similarities with peanut candy in other places. This candy is made from malt and peanuts. The feeling of sweetness is not harsh, crunchy combined with the fleshy peanut flavor makes everyone want to try it.

Locations for selling Tay Ninh Teo in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: 20,000 VND – 40,000 VND/kg.

Spicy sticky rice paper

Bánh tráng dẻo cay Spicy sticky rice paper

Rice paper is one of the specialties that everyone will think of when mentioning Tay Ninh. Rice paper is modified according to many different recipes, including spicy sticky rice paper. Thin, flexible rice paper, with spicy and spicy satay plus crispy fried onions is extremely mouth-watering.

Places to sell spicy sticky rice paper in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: 20,000 VND – 40,000 VND/pack

Tay Ninh tamarind rice paper

Bánh tráng me Tây Ninh Tay Ninh tamarind rice paper

Tamarind rice paper is a familiar dish, but does anyone know that this snack originates from Tay Ninh. The part of the rice paper will include fragrant sticky rice paper, seasoning packages such as chili salt, fried onions, paprika and attractive sweet and sour tamarind juice.

Places to sell tamarind rice paper in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: from 10,000 VND/pack

2 Tay Ninh specialties eaten at the shop

Trang Bang soup cake

Bánh canh Trảng Bàng Trang Bang soup cake

Trang Bang Banh Canh is generally not much different from other types, however, when you eat it, you will feel the difference in the size of the noodle soup twice as large as usual . Bread made from white, not too chewy, with a clear broth, rich in lean pork flavor will bring you an extremely interesting culinary experience.

Places to sell delicious Trang Bang soup in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: 30,000 VND – 100,000 VND/piece.

Tay Ninh heifer

Bò tơ Tây Ninh Tay Ninh heifer

Tay Ninh heifer has long been famous in the space because of the softness and aroma of the meat, not too chewy and extremely nutritious. In order to be so special, the heifers had to be grazed in green pastures, carefully cared for during the care process. Tay Ninh heifer can be processed into many different dishes, but the most prominent ones are: sweet and sour beef hot pot, grilled heifer all…

Places to sell delicious Tay Ninh Beef:

Reference price: 50,000 VND – 220,000 VND/piece.

Nui Ba snails

Ốc xu Núi Bà Nui Ba snails

This is a delicious dish, but it is quite rare because to catch this type of snail, people have to go into caves and rock holes in the rainy season – the time when they start crawling out to feed and reproduce. However, because they often eat herbs that grow in the mountains, they are also full of medicinal herbs. If you have the opportunity to come to Tay Ninh, try to find and enjoy this special snail.

Where to sell delicious Nui Ba snails:

Reference price: 270,000 VND/kg.

Ba Den Mountain Lizard

Looking at the extremely challenging appearance of this dish, perhaps even the bravest people have to hesitate. Perhaps, that's why "Ba Den mountain lizard" usually only appears on the men's drinking table . This dish can be processed into many different dishes from minced fried with pepper to serve with rice paper, bay leaves or deep fried with salad, herbs and tamarind sauce. However, either way, you will still need courage to be able to enjoy this dish.

Ba Den Mountain Lizard

Where to sell delicious Ba Den mountain lizards in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: 500,000 VND/kg.

Baked rice paper

Bánh tráng nướng Baked rice paper

In addition to dew-dried rice paper and tamarind rice paper, baked rice paper is also very popular with snackers. Rice paper used for baking is usually thick and grilled on a charcoal grill, add quail eggs, meat and sausages, onions, fried corn, and bake until crispy. This dish is best when freshly baked and enjoyed immediately.

Places to sell delicious grilled rice paper in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: from 20,000 VND/piece

Vegetarian Tay Ninh

Món chay Tây Ninh Vegetarian Tay Ninh

It's a pity if you go through Cao Dai holy land without enjoying vegetarian food here. According to ancient custom, followers of the Cao Dai religion consider January to be the month of fasting, and since then, the traditional profession of vegetarian cuisine has been valued and respected. Tay Ninh's vegetarian menu is richer than many other places and is prepared as creatively as delicious food.

Places to sell delicious vegetarian dishes in Tay Ninh:

Reference price: from 20,000 VND/piece

3 Where to buy Tay Ninh specialties?

You can find specialty dishes such as bone-drying rice paper, gutted jam, spicy sticky rice paper at markets or specialty stores. Here are some points you can refer to:

  • Long Hoa Market, Tay Ninh – Hoa Thanh District, Tay Ninh
  • Ut Hue soup cake – No. 88 Nguyen Van Bong Street, Trang Bang Town, Tay Ninh.
  • Restaurants and pubs along Gia Long street, Trang Bang district, Tay Ninh province.
  • Hai chili salt facility: 60/3, Ly Thuong Kiet, TT. Hoa Thanh, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province.

Mua đặc sản Tây Ninh ở đâu Where to buy Tay Ninh specialties?

4 Note when buying Tay Ninh specialties as gifts

When buying specialties in Tay Ninh, you should ask for the price carefully so that when you buy it, you will not be cut and slashed at high prices. In addition, you should buy at reputable places and markets to avoid buying poor quality products. In addition, you need to pay close attention to the expiration date, whether the packaging is dented, has clear information printed on the package or not.

Lưu ý khi mua đặc sản Tây Ninh làm quà Note when buying Tay Ninh specialties as gifts

Tay Ninh owns the highest Ba Den mountain in South Vietnam and famous places. If you have the opportunity to visit this place, you can refer to it to know more!

Above are suggestions for 10 specialties that you need to try when coming to Tay Ninh. Hopefully, the list above of Bach Hoa Xanh will help you somewhat prepare yourself for valuable experiences for the trip in the near future. Wish you were Always happy.

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