The clothes dryers have a strange smell that won't go away, just follow these 2 ways and they'll be gone

In order to help clothes worn every day do not have strange and unpleasant scents, housewives should refer to 2 tips for drying clothes in the following article.


The clothes we wear every day can take on strange smells if the dryer is not cleaned regularly. To get rid of those stubborn odors, housewives, please refer to 2 GREEN Bach Hoa just below!

first How to deodorize a clothes dryer

Use vinegar

which has long been considered as a food with extremely good decontamination and deodorizing effects. At the same time, vinegar is also a common ingredient, often found in the kitchen of every family, cheap price, so it is easy to use. With the vinegar method, you can follow these steps:

Dùng giấm ăn để khử mùi lạ trong máy sấy quần áo Use vinegar to remove strange odors in the clothes dryer

Step 1 First, you saturate one with vinegar.

Step 2 Next, you use this towel to wipe all parts of the dryer in order from the inlet, washing water tank, filter, vent system to the waste pipe , then repeat 2-3 times to Thoroughly deal with unpleasant odors.

Step 3 After cleaning the parts, you need to check if the dryer cage still smells bad , in addition, you must also pay attention to reinstall the waste pipe properly, so that the pipe must be straight, not twisted and lower than the machine. drying clothes to prevent waste water from flowing back to the machine.

At the same time, besides the above method, you can also mix a vinegar solution with about 2 liters of warm water , put it in the dryer cage and turn on the washing mode for 30 – 45 minutes , then turn on the gentle drying mode to let the machine dry. Self-cleaning inner drum.

Use coal

To effectively eliminate odors as well as ensure the health of family members, housewives can use – black charcoal, lighter and more porous than ordinary charcoal. Because it is processed at a high temperature , activated carbon will have many small holes in the structure, making it easy to absorb all dirt, pollutants, air, …

Dùng than hoạt tính để khử mùi lạ trong máy sấy quần áo Use activated carbon to remove strange odors in the clothes dryer

Besides, activated carbon is also often used to deodorize washing machines, refrigerators and the deodorizing effect is up to 1 month. With this method of using activated carbon, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 First, you put the crushed activated carbon into one of the sealed containers.

Step 2 Next, you just need to put the zip bag containing this charcoal in the dryer cage for a few hours, then take it out and check again, if the washing machine drum still smells, you can put it for another 1-2 hours.

2 The harm of not cleaning the dryer regularly

Although it is very convenient in drying clothes and helps to simplify the stages of drying and ironing clothes, if we do not clean the dryer regularly, the inside of the machine will accumulate dirt and lint. from clothes, thereby causing bacteria to multiply and adversely affect the life, efficiency of machine use as well as the health of everyone in the house.

Tác hại khi không vệ sinh máy sấy thường xuyên The harm of not cleaning the dryer regularly

In some worse cases, when insects, dirty animals such as cockroaches, mice, lizards, … get inside the dryer , they can cause many strange odors. , uncomfortable , and at the same time leave dangerous pathogens if we do not regularly check to clean the clothes dryer.

Above are 2 simple tips to help you get rid of weird, stubborn odors on clothes while using the washing machine. Hopefully with this article by Bach Khoa XANH, you will be able to help your clothes always smell good, thereby creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling when wearing!

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