The house without air conditioning is still cool thanks to the following ways

The hot summer weather is definitely the fear of many people, especially the students who are staying at the hostel. However, you can completely overcome this intense heat with a few tips. Let's find out what it is with Bach Hoa XANH!


After stressful studying and working hours, returning home is the happiness of many people. However, for students, especially those staying in hostels, this is not the case.

Staying in a small space in the hot summer will definitely be an obsession not to go through. To overcome this situation, I will show you 10 ways to cool down a motel room, a closed room in the summer extremely effectively.

Check out the video about 5 quick room cooling tips

first Cover the window

The first way to cool a room is to close the curtains, especially the window blinds. It sounds simple, but this way will minimize the amount of sunlight entering the room. Make sure to do this between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. , and your room will be noticeably cooler and cooler.

Che kín cửa sổ Cover the window

2 Clean the floor

At noon, when resting in the room, lie on the floor and do not need a mat or mattress. However, to reduce the heat better, wipe the floor with cold water before sleeping and let it dry naturally .

If ice is present, soak a few ice cubes in a bowl of water and wipe several times. This simple operation will make the stone tiles much cooler. In addition, you can use less to make the room smell better for a deeper and more restful sleep.

References :

 Lau sàn nhà Clean the floor

3 Use a steam fan

If possible, a steam fan will be an effective method of avoiding heat. But don't worry, students who don't have much money can create their own steam fan.

This is very simple, you just need to buy some ice and put it in front of the fan . The fan will help blow the ice vapor around the room and make the room much cooler.

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 Sử dụng quạt hơi nước Use a steam fan

4 Turn off electrical appliances

Heat energy emitted from electrical appliances such as lights, computers, televisions… is also a cause of your room becoming hotter and more tunneled . Therefore, please turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment, both to save electricity and reduce heat significantly.

 Tắt bớt các thiết bị điện Turn off electrical appliances

5 Plant more trees

Not only big trees have the effect of reducing heat. If you live in an inn or in a closed room, you just need to put potted plants such as climbing plants or aquatic plants around the corners of the room, hanging on the wall or next to the window to let it absorb light from outside. .

If using betel nut, put a few pots next to electrical equipment such as study lights or computers, it will help absorb radiation from these devices effectively.

 Trồng thêm cây xanh Plant more trees

6 Use a cotton mattress

Cotton fabric is highly appreciated by experts for its ability to cool and smooth directly on the body skin, with extremely good absorbency plus breathability and lightness, which will definitely help us reduce maximum temperature in closed room.

Dùng nệm bằng chất liệu cotton Use a cotton mattress

7 Drink more water

The effect of drinking enough water in a day not only helps the body maintain health but also helps regulate body temperature. Because the outside air is quite hot and the body temperature is also high, the temperature will increase to the maximum.

What's more, try to drink a lot of water to become more energetic and feel cool to fight this fierce sun!

Uống nhiều nước hơn Drink more water

8 Sleep alone

Imagine, a room only a few tens of square meters but contains many people lying inside it. Of course, it would be uncomfortable because basically the body heat generated to help keep warm will also cause the temperature in the room to rise if many people lie in it.

Therefore, try to arrange for yourself a separate space in this sweltering summer. It will help reduce the temperature very well and the body will also feel more comfortable.

Ngủ một mình Sleep alone

9 Use energy-saving light bulbs

According to research results, using energy-saving light bulbs, especially LED bulbs, will save more than 90% of normal incandescent lights.

As you can see, using energy-saving light bulbs not only helps to optimize power consumption, but also helps the room become cooler thanks to the light when the light is not too bright.

Dùng bóng đèn tiết kiệm năng lượng Use energy-saving light bulbs

ten Wear thin and less clothes

Everyone's habits are different, but in summer weather like this, try to wear thin clothes and wear less jewelry on the body. Choosing clothes with natural fabrics will help limit stuffiness.

Today, the garment industry is very developed and many researchers have invented a variety of fabrics that, when worn by people, will create a more comfortable and flexible feeling in movement.

Mặc đồ mỏng và ít hơn Wear thin and less clothes

Above are some simple but extremely effective room cooling methods. Please save and apply to avoid the heat in this sweltering summer!

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