The truth about the washing tub cleaning powder package is popular today

In the past few years, on the market, there are many types of washing tub cleaning powder introduced with the use of helping to clean the washing machine as clean as it has just been purchased. But, what is the nature of these cleaning packages? Is it effective to use it? Find out in the article below too!


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Should I use a detergent package to clean the washing tub?

In essence, the washing machine cleaning package is a chemical bleach that works to clean the dirt stuck in the washing tub. You can use them to clean the family washing machine .

However, these cleaning packages only work with newly purchased and regularly cleaned types. As for the machines that have been used for a long time and have not been cleaned, these cleaning powders are only capable of cleaning to a certain extent.

có nên dùng bột tẩy vệ sinh lồng giặt

The stronger the bleach, the more likely it is to unclog the drain . However, the use of bleach that is too strong can be harmful to the washing machine as well as the health of the user, they can stick to the clothes in subsequent washings.

Therefore, when deciding to use cleaning powder, you should look for a product that is not too strong . Read carefully the ingredients as well as instructions for use to clean the washing machine effectively, not harmful to health.

có nên dùng bột tẩy vệ sinh lồng giặt

2 Steps to properly clean the washing machine

Usually, when using a washing machine, very few people think to clean the machine even though most current washing machines have this feature. . According to electrical experts, you should clean the washing tub monthly . This job is a bit time consuming, but in return your washing machine will be more durable , and your clothes will be washed more clean.

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*Here are the washing machine cleaning steps you can refer to:

– Cleaning the body: You should only use a dry cloth to clean the body. Do not scrub too hard and pay attention to cleaning the edges of the washing machine.

– Cleaning the washing machine drum: Drain the warm water at the highest level for the washing tub to be full of water, if the machine does not have the function, you should prepare and pour it yourself. Then pour about 2 cups of vinegar or cleaning solution into the water and soak for about 1 hour.

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Next, you start the machine and choose the longest washing time and then let the machine run through a wash cycle as usual. When washing is finished, use a clean sponge dipped in vinegar and rub again inside the drum to clean it completely.

– Clean the lint filter: This job needs to be done regularly because of this filter . Remove the filter from the machine, clean it thoroughly with a brush.

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– Cleaning the detergent compartment: Pull out the detergent and softener drawer, rinse with cold water, soak with a little vinegar or for a few hours and then rinse again with warm water.

– Clean the water drain hose: You need to pay attention to check the washing machine's drain hose regularly. Clean the joint between the drain hose and the machine. If the pipe has deposits, use a soft cloth to clean it.

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– Cleaning the washing machine door: You can use a damp cloth soaked in detergent solution to clean the washing machine door . You should also thoroughly clean the rubber around the machine because bacteria are often concentrated here.

Surely, you have understood more about washing tub cleaning powder and drawn for yourself, right?. If you have any questions about using the washing machine, please leave a comment below to be answered as soon as possible!