The washing machine is rusty, do it this way and it will shine right away

Rusty washing machines make many users uncomfortable. Let's find out useful tips to help the washing machine become shiny right away!


Due to the hot and humid climate and weather in Vietnam, the washing machine body is prone to rust. This not only reduces the "life" of the washing machine, but also can be dangerous to the user by the risk of cracking, electric shock. So is there any way to fix this situation? Find out through the article below.

first Cause of washing machine rust

Nguyên nhân khiến máy giặt bị rỉ sét là gì? What causes the washing machine to rust?

Rust is the phenomenon where the protective paint on the body is scratched, yellow or red patches appear, brown stains inside or outside the machine. There are two main causes of washing machine rust phenomenon.

First, the body of the washing machine is made of metal, which will oxidize after a long time of use, leading to rust. The second reason is due to improper placement, which causes the protective paint to peel off easily, which leads to rust.

2 How to fix a rusty washing machine

Cách để khắc phục máy giặt bị rỉ sét How to fix a rusty washing machine?

Applying the following methods will help you effectively fix the rusty washing machine situation.

Method 1: Take advantage of toothpaste

Tận dụng kem đánh răng Take advantage of toothpaste

The steps are as follows:

Step 1 Apply a moderate amount to the rusted area to be cleaned.

Step 2 Use or rub on rusty surfaces.

Step 3 Scrub until all stains are removed from the washing machine.

Step 4 Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Note: This tip only applies to rust stains on the outside of the machine.

Method 2: Use white enamel or special zinc primer

Dùng men trắng hoặc sơn lót kẽm đặc biệt Use white enamel or special zinc primer

You need to follow these steps:

Step 1 Seal the area around the rust spot.

Step 2 Use sandpaper to remove rust spots.

Step 3 Wipe the cleaned area with a degreaser.

Step 4 Primer and spray paint about 30-35 cm from the machine.

Step 5 Apply a second coat after 20-30 minutes and wait until completely dry.

Note: You should not remove rust with detergents because it is easy to scratch the body and cause bacteria to multiply.

Method 3: Use vinegar or citric acid

Sử dụng giấm hoặc axit citric Use vinegar or citric acid

Vinegar or citric acid will make the rust and stains come off more easily, so you can clean it without much effort. The steps are not difficult:

Step 1 Put a little or enough citric acid solution on the rusted area.

Step 2 Let stand for 1-2 hours for the solution to work.

Step 3 Clean thoroughly with a towel until completely clean.

Note : This method only helps to remove rust stains in the machine temporarily, you need to replace if important parts in the drum are rusted.

Method 4: Use a water purifier

Sử dụng thiết bị lọc nước Use a water filter

Unsanitary water is also a cause of washing machine corrosion. So you need to make sure the water is safe enough and does not contain harmful substances by using a water purifier. This is also a way to help increase the "life" of your washing machine.

Method 5: Use chemicals

Sử dụng hóa chất Using chemicals

You can use RP7 rust remover to clean the washing machine. The steps are very simple, with only 2 steps as follows:

Step 1 Spray RP7 solution on the rusted area on the washing machine.

Step 2 Use a cloth to remove stains.

Method 6: Use Baking soda

Dùng Baking soda Use Baking Soda

One of the interesting ways is that you can use (baking salt) to clean the washing machine. The steps to do this are as follows:

Step 1 Make a mixture of 1-2 tablespoons of Baking soda and a little vinegar.

Step 2 Apply the mixture to the rusted area and scrub it clean.

Step 3 Rinse with water and .

Wish you successfully handle rusty washing machine with the above methods from Bach Hoa GREEN. Don't forget to share this helpful tip with your friends and family.

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