Things to know about energy-saving energy labels when shopping

If you are interested in energy-saving factors, you cannot ignore the energy label of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, a label that provides extremely useful information for consumers when choosing products. Let's explore the details of energy labels with us in the following article.


1 Certified Energy Label

The certified energy label with the symbol of Energy Saving (also known as Vietnamese Energy Star) is displayed on vehicles and equipment circulating on the market when these means and equipment have a high-efficiency level. energy efficiency equal to or higher than the high energy efficiency level decided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade from time to time.

The color and size of the certified energy label are specified below:

Nhãn năng lượng xác nhận

2 Comparative Energy Labels

Comparative energy labels are displayed on vehicles and equipment circulating on the market in order to provide consumers with information about the energy efficiency of these vehicles and equipment compared to other vehicles and equipment. of the same type on the market, helping consumers choose vehicles and equipment with more economical energy consumption.

Different energy efficiency levels correspond to five energy efficiency grades corresponding to the number of stars printed on the label, from one star to five stars, the five-star label is the most efficient.

The comparative energy label image below corresponds to the 5 required energy efficiency classes (represented by the number of stars on the label):

5 cấp hiệu suất năng lượng theo quy định

The colors and dimensions of the comparative energy labels are specified below:

Nhãn năng lượng so sánh

3 Description of comparative energy labels on household appliances

The energy comparison label includes the following minimum information:

  • A number of stars printed on energy labels: Different energy efficiency levels with 5 energy efficiency grades corresponding to the number of stars printed on the label, from one star to 5 stars, determined based on efficiency test results product energy.
  • Manufacturer‘s name: The name of the organization/enterprise producing energy-labeled products.
  • Origin: Shows the country in which the product was manufactured.
  • Product code: This is the code of the means and equipment of the registered enterprise.
  • Rated capacity: The rated power consumption of vehicles and equipment announced by the manufacturer.
  • Energy efficiency: This is the index of energy efficiency of equipment specified in TCVN.

4 Some other notes for each type of device

For the air conditioner

It is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in the home. On the energy label of the air conditioner, two factors are quite important: cooling capacity & energy efficiency. Having a capacity suitable for the room area, equipped with Inverter technology and reasonable use will significantly reduce the amount of electricity you have to pay monthly by up to 30% or more.

Máy lạnh

In the energy label of the air conditioner, there is also an indicator that can fairly accurately assess the power saving of the machine, which is the energy efficiency index (or ) but is often little known. This parameter reflects the conversion of the machine’s energy consumption into cooling capacity and the higher the better.

For the refrigerator

Air conditioning also consumes a lot of electricity in the home due to year-round use. Energy labeling not only contributes to the elimination of poor-quality refrigerators but also makes it easier for consumers to exclude products with low energy efficiency.

Tủ lạnh

If conditions are abundant, you should also choose the type equipped with Inverter technology, although the price is higher than the conventional line, it is capable of saving electricity up to 20%. Suitable for family use will also help you save energy more effectively.

For washing machine

In addition to the basic function of preset washing programs, there are now many other features such as washing with hot water and drying clothes that consume a lot of electricity. You and your family should consider your needs and economic conditions to match and save.

Máy giặt

For electric fan

Because it is a common cooling device in homes, it is also required to have an energy label. However, electric fans often have low power consumption, so often users do not place much emphasis on saving electricity for this type of device, but rather focus on the design and features of the product.

Quạt điện

Hopefully, the information in the article has helped to understand more about energy labels to choose energy-saving products. If you need support, please comment below for us to answer.