Tips for handling fruit sap, fruit latex quickly and simply

Have you ever had trouble removing the latex from your hands? With the following tips, you will no longer have to deal with fruit latex. Let's find out together!


1 Remove jackfruit sap

Jackfruit sap, also known as jackfruit latex, will stick on your knife when you cut jackfruit. If not removed cleanly, this jackfruit plastic gets stuck on the knife not only making the knife dirty but also making it difficult to cut food. To clean the knife, you just need to use a little cooking oil on a towel , and wipe the knife, then rinse with clean water.

Tẩy nhựa mít

If jackfruit sap accidentally gets on your clothes, just use half a lemon, then rub it on the affected area, then rub it with the solution and rinse it off several times with cold water.

Tẩy nhựa mít trên quần áo

You can also rub your hands into the rice before cutting jackfruit and after eating jackfruit, then wash your hands with warm water. This way also helps you significantly reduce the stickiness of jackfruit resin. In addition, you can also use kerosene to remove the jackfruit latex from your hands.

Tẩy nhựa mít

2 Remove sapodilla resin

To remove sapodilla stains, you just need to prepare a lemon , then rub it on the sapodilla stain on your hand. Then you wash it with water and the sapodilla stain is removed. Sapodilla resin, if newly attached to clothes, can be used with grape wine to add a few grains of salt to the stain, rub it clean, then wash it with soap.

Tẩy nhựa hồng xiêm

3 Banana plastic remover

Banana sap that sticks to clothes will leave dull black stains. To remove banana latex from clothes, you use vinegar poured directly on the stain . Then soak the stain for about 5-7 minutes and then wash it again with water.

Tẩy nhựa chuối

For long-term banana latex stains, soak your clothes with vinegar for about 30 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. Although it is difficult to completely remove banana latex from clothes, it also helps to reduce pus stains on clothes.

4 Remove rubber latex

To clean rubber latex, take a little kitchen ash and rub it on your hands , then rinse with clean water. In addition, you can also use lemon to rub on rubber latex stains to remove them.

Tẩy nhựa su su

5 Remove plastic water spinach

Water spinach also leaves an unsightly color on your hands. Mix a basin of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar or squeeze a piece of fresh lemon. Then soak your hands and wash them. Vinegar will remove water spinach stains effectively.

Tẩy nhựa rau muống

6 Turmeric stain remover

Clean yellow turmeric resin, especially fresh turmeric, when you use fresh turmeric to cook and marinate spices, the turmeric essence will sell into your hands, stick for a long time and hard to fade. The best way is to use lemon in cleaning turmeric.

Tẩy vết nghệ

To clean turmeric stains on your hands, you just need to cut a lemon in half and rub it gently on the skin, do it many times, the turmeric stain will fade.

With the above tips, the removal of fruit latex stains is no longer your obsession. Any questions please leave a comment below!