Tips for you 6 steps to buy the best used phone

Buying used phones can save a lot of money, but it requires buyers to have a bit of technology knowledge to choose to buy. GREEN Phone gives you 6 steps to help you choose the best old phone to use!


1. Check the screws

First, buyers need to consider whether this device is still "zin" or not. This is the most important issue when buying used machines.

Sellers may say their item has never been taken apart, but you still have to carefully examine every detail to verify this. One of the most basic ways is to check the sharpness of the screws.

Xem ốc vít See screws

For phones that can open the case on the back, you should see if the screws on this side are sharp and have any scratches. If the machine has been unscrewed, the screws will certainly look old, frayed or even hard to see the edges of the screws.

Besides, you should also see if the sticker on the body of the device is overlapped with another stamp. Usually distributors stick only a small stamp on the screw or body so machines that stamp all the screws may just be for camouflage.

2. Check Imei number

Kiểm tra số IMEI Check IMEI number

IMEI is one of the most important codes of a phone, from this code, you can know where your device is from and if it is genuine or not.

How to check IMEI is quite simple, you just need to go to your phone's dialer application, enter the code *#06* and a series of numbers will appear, with these numbers you can refer to the article: to know clearly about the device.

3. Test the touch screen

After you have verified the two important factors of the phone, the origin and the "zin" level, next you need to check the screen of the device.

The way to check the touch screen is quite simple, you just need to turn on the calling application, press all the numbers on this screen and see if there is any position to press or not.

Next, you can rotate the screen to landscape mode, go to the message writing application, compose a new message but have to press all the characters on the virtual keyboard. If both these operations do not have any problems, then you can rest assured with the touch of the screen.

Mua điện thoại cũ Check the screen

4. Check the ability to listen to calls

Next is the ability to make calls, you can try calling in a few minutes with SIM one of the three major carriers in Vietnam. This method can both check the reception quality of the device and the internal speaker of the device.

Kiểm tra khả năng nghe gọi Make calls

5. Vibration test, connection

You can also check vibration and speakerphone when receiving calls and messages. Some common situations such as the device has a ring but does not vibrate, cannot send a message or when the vibration is turned off.

After that, you can ask the seller to turn on the Wifi and Bluetooth function to connect for about 30 minutes to see if the quality of these connections is stable or not.

Bật Wifi, Bluetooth Turn on Wifi, Bluetooth

6. Test the battery

Finally, you should test the battery for about 10 to 15 minutes to check the charging speed and temperature. If there is a phenomenon of overheating and shorting, the device is no longer good. Check the copper pins in contact with the battery, most of the "genuine" batteries, this copper color is a bit dim, not shiny.

Sạc thử pin Charge the battery

You can also apply the above methods to tablets, but for iPads, or tablets that do not support calling, you will not have to check step 4.

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