Tips to help detect who is "using the temple" Wifi in your home

In recent years, wifi packages have become more comfortable, so most households have installed wifi at home. However, the case of "stealing" wifi is not absent. So in this article, I will tell you a few tricks to check who is "using" your home wifi.


1 Turn off wifi for all devices that are accessing the network

This way is very simple, first unplug or turn off the wifi connection of all devices that are accessing your home wifi. Then observe the wifi signal light on the router (modem), if it is still blinking (flashing) then someone is definitely using wifi illegally.

Tắt wifi tất cả mọi thiết bị đang truy cập mạng

However, the limitation of this method is that:

  • One is, you can't control all the connected devices and then ignore, not disable their wifi.
  • Second, maybe at the time you check, the person who is "stealing" wifi is going somewhere and not using your home network.

2 Check the access log on the modem

To perform a query, first open a web browser and enter the address or or (depending on the type of modem of each company). Then proceed to enter the username – password and log in.

Next is to find the item that displays the list of MAC addresses of all devices connected to the network, depending on the modem type, it will be placed in the Wireless configuration tab, Wireless network status (wireless status),…

Kiểm tra nhật ký truy cập trên modem

The final step is to count how many MAC addresses are showing and then compare it with all the devices in your home. Suppose your home has 5 devices using wifi but on the machine showing more than 5 MAC addresses, someone is definitely using your home's wifi "temple".

3 Use support tools

On the phone

If you want to use your own to perform the test, you can download the Fing app, which is available and free for both Android and iOS .

Dùng ứng dụng Fing trên smartphone

Fing allows you to see a list of connected and currently connected devices, device type, MAC address,… In addition, you can also monitor the wifi connection behavior of strange devices to infer. the use of the neighbor's wifi "temple", for example.

On the computer

  • Wireless Network Watcher

This is software for both Mac and Windows, it allows you to monitor all devices connected to your home network, thereby easily identifying suspicious connection activities from devices "from above". the sky is falling".

The advantage of Wireless Network Watcher is that it supports Vietnamese, when accessing the developer's website, scroll down to the bottom and search for the Vietnameseized version to download!

Giao diện Wireless Network Watcher

  • Paessler PRTG Router Monitoring

Paessler 's solution is a complete suite of modem management tools, including automatic detection of strange traffic , analysis of network usage, and other in-depth tools.

PRTG Network Monitor

In general, this is the most suitable software for small and medium businesses, but for personal use, it is a bit redundant. But that's okay, you have up to 30 days to try it out before deciding to spend money to buy it, so feel free to exploit it!

4 After all, what should you do?

With the common mentality of most people, after investigating whether anyone is stealing their wifi, the next thing will be to change the password, some people even refresh the wifi name with the password.

Nên đổi mật khẩu wifi định kì

So, if you don't know how to change your wifi password, you can refer to . Besides, instead of spending time checking, you should always remember how to change the wifi password and change it periodically from 2 weeks to once a month.

This does not take too much time, but it will ensure that your home network is not accessed illegally. In case your family has a small business (like a coffee shop), you should also change your password regularly to limit outside traffic.

To avoid having to print and reprint wifi passwords for guests, you can take advantage of a child board (for children) and use chalk to write a new password every time it changes and then place it in a place where guests can easily see it. At best, that will be both ways.

Hope this article will help you in checking if anyone is using your home wifi. Please look forward to the next articles of Dien May XANH!