Tips to help glass cups not crack or break when holding hot water

You like to choose glass cups to make hot coffee or tea, but are afraid of them being easily cracked or broken. Don't worry too much about this! We will help you use glass without cracking or breaking with some good tips below.


1 Causes of glass cracking when holding hot water

Due to thermal shock

This is one of the main causes of cracked glass. Because when you pour hot water into the glass, the inner and outer glass layers have not yet adapted and expand unevenly.

If its temperature exceeds the permissible limit, it will cause stress leading to thermal shock, cracking, and crumbling.

Do bị sốc nhiệt:

Because I bought a poor quality product

Products that have poor heat resistance or cannot withstand heat, but for the sake of profits, sellers label them with good heat resistance.

In addition, low-quality products that are labeled or plagiarized by famous brands cause misleading consumers. If you buy poor-quality glass, it is very easy to break during use.

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Due to improper use

Glass is divided into the following 4 types :

  • Ordinary glass
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Tempered glass
  • White Glass

Therefore, the heat resistance and bearing capacity of the glass cups manufactured from these types of glass will be different. You should learn how to use each type of glass before owning them, if not used correctly, it will lead to breakage, cracking, and wasteful disposal.

Sử dụng ly không đúng cách khiến ly dễ bị nứt, vỡ

2 Tips to help glass not crack or break when holding hot water

Here are a few tips to help keep your glass from cracking or breaking when properly heated:

Boil a glass in boiling water

Boiling the glass in boiling water will help the glass get used to the increase in temperature, help expand evenly and not break when subjected to sudden temperature changes. Here’s how to do it:

  • For new glasses, place them in a large pot and fill them with water. After that, you need to boil water and cups, then turn off the stove, let it cool and then take it out to use.

Luộc ly thủy tinh qua nước sôi

Before using, rinse with warm water

If you do not have time to do the method of boiling the glass in boiling water to protect the glass. Then you apply the method of rinsing with warm water, this method is quite simple.

You just need to use previously boiled water and then add cold water to warm it a little, then use warm water to rinse it around the sides of the glass before boiling.

This helps the glass gradually adapt to high temperatures, while increasing the heat resistance inside and outside the glass, limiting the phenomenon of thermal shock when containing boiling water.

Trước khi dùng tráng qua bằng nước ấm

Use a metal spoon

If your glass has an uneven thickness, it is more likely to break. In this case, apply the method of using a metal spoon such as aluminum, or stainless steel … put it in the glass first and then pour boiling water into it. This will help limit the risk of cracking in the uneven convex glass.

Because according to research, metal or stainless steel spoons have the effect of reducing the temperature when meeting boiling water. In other words, when you pour boiling water into a glass, then the aluminum and stainless steel spoon will shoot out a small layer of water, reducing the temperature inside the glass and creating time for the glass to quickly expand.

Dùng thìa kim loại

Do not overfill the glass with water

In addition, to avoid the situation where the glass is broken or cracked, you should pour hot water into the glass properly.

When using a glass with very hot water, you should pour out all the cold water in the cup first, then slowly pour in the hot water.

Remember not to overfill the glass because this part is always much thinner than the bottom, easily breaking the glass if the heat pressure is too great.

Không nên rót nước quá tràn lên thành ly

With the tips above, hopefully, you will have more knowledge to protect the glass cups from breaking or cracking when using hot drinks. Good luck!