Tips to re-glue broken glass cups and cups to look like new

There are times when we accidentally drop and break glasses. Fortunately, the answer is yes! There's a way to glue them back together again so they'll stay in one piece- let us show you how below...


Instructions on how to re-glue broken glass objects

Step 1: Prepare special glue

  • First, you need to prepare yourself with a special glue that can bond tightly. Above all, you need to determine what the item to be pasted is used for and if there are any other requirements.

Chuẩn bị keo dán chuyên dụng

  • If you need to glue fragments that are able to fit together, then Acrylic may be the right choice for you.
  • If the object you need to stick is often exposed to water, you need to pay attention to choosing the right waterproof glue. Silicone glue is one of the suitable options for this type of item.
  • If your items often come into contact with food and drinks, you especially need to consider the composition of the glue. Some types of glue contain harmful chemical components, when exposed to high heat, these compounds will decompose into foods, affecting the health of users.

Step 2: Clean the metal piece with soap and water

  • In order for the fragments to be firmly bonded together, you need to clean and dry them before proceeding to glue them together.

Làm sạch và lau khô mảnh vỡ

  • To do this in the safest way, you should use rubber gloves and limit rubbing on broken edges to avoid cutting your hands.

Step 3: Apply glue along the broken glass edge to be pasted

  • Next, you use glue along the edges of the fragment to be glued. You only need to use a sufficient amount but make sure that the edges of the shard are all coated with glue.

Bôi keo lên phần cạnh thuỷ tinh cần dán

Step 4: Stick the shards together

  • Next, you use your hands to attach and hold the fragments together for 1 minute to help the fragments bond together firmly.

Gắn các mảnh vỡ lại với nhau

Step 5: Dry the glue

  • After gluing the pieces together you need to dry them in the sun or UV lamp to harden the glue. Depending on the quality of the adhesive as well as the weather conditions, the drying time of the glue layer varies.

Phơi khô keo

  • For large glass objects, you need to secure them with a brace. However, do not use too much force to splint because it may cause them to break again.

Step 6: Scrape off excess glue

  • After the glue has dried, check the surface of your item again. If there is excess glue dry on the surface of the tool, use a blade and gently scrape them away.

Cạo bỏ lớp keo dư

Camouflage looks as good as new

You can glue the pieces together, but it’s hard to lose the glue line. Don’t worry too much, because you can disguise the cracks to help them stay as good as new.

Nguỵ trang mảnh vỡ

Just a sticker or a little paint you can transform, and your glass objects will be as beautiful as new. After gluing or painting your work on glass objects, don’t forget to spray glue to make sure they don’t drift when in contact with water.

Here are a few tips to help you make your broken glass look as good as new. If you have another way, please share it with us in the comments section below