Tips to remove 502 glue from the skin quickly

Glue 502 or commonly known as glue iron is a type of glue used a lot in Vietnamese families. It's quite handy when it comes to gluing broken items, but it will also make you uncomfortable when accidentally sticking to your hands or skin. GREEN ELECTRICAL will suggest you easy 502 glue removal tips.


Mẹo tẩy keo 502 dính vào tay thật đơn giản

The liquid 502 colloidal solution when applied to your skin will soon form a thin white layer, firmly attached to the surface of the skin. When you are glued, you will often have the habit of rubbing the glued finger with your thumb, making the two fingers stick together. This makes the problem worse. Stay calm and do the following:

1 Soak in warm water and use nail polish remover

Step 1 : Dip your hands in warm soapy water and soak for 10 minutes or until the glue softens, then gently remove the adhesive layer from your fingers.

Step 2 : Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly, then check to see if there is still any glue that has not been removed. If you still have, you can pour nail polish remover on the glued skin, then rub gently, you will see the white glue slowly disappear.

Nước rửa sơn móng tay là gợi ý đầu tiên trong các mẹo tẩy keo 502 bị dính tay

2 Glue softening margarine

If you have sensitive skin, you can apply butter on the glue stick. You just need to apply butter continuously to the glued skin until the glue softens and rinse with water.

Bơ thực vật sẽ nhanh chóng làm mềm keo và bạn sẽ rửa sạch được với nước

3 Use sandpaper and machine oil to remove the glue

Step 1: Use sandpaper or nail file to rub with the white glue stick on your hand, remember not to rub too hard on it, it will cause the skin to be scratched.

Step 2: After scrubbing with a nail file, apply machine oil and gently rub the glued skin. Then rinse thoroughly with water. You can replace the engine oil with gasoline, kerosene or alcohol.

Dũa móng tay hay giấy nhám là cách đơn giản để giải quyết rắc rối

4 Using wind oil

Using wind oil is also a way to get rid of this annoying glue, you just need to apply some wind oil directly to the glued skin and gently rub it, it will bring a pretty good effect.

Dùng một ít dầu gió đổ vào phần da bị dính keo sẽ giúp bạn tẩy keo dính ở da

Use specialized glue remover

If your skin is sticky with a lot of glue in a large area on the skin, you should buy a specialized 502 glue remover to immediately remove the glue layer and limit the impact on the health of you and your loved ones.

You can buy specialized 502 glue remover at building materials stores, glass shops or electronics stores.

Một loại nước tẩy keo dán sắt chuyên dụng trên thị trường

Save it for when you need it and tell your friends or relatives how to remove the iron glue from your hands so that everyone is no longer worried and uncomfortable when entangled in this problem. And don't forget to comment below this article to let Dien May XANH know if you have successfully applied it!