Young people today always keep up with the modern trends of the world, recently Jump Arena Saigon has received a lot of attention from young people. This place is a stress reliever that many young people try and at the same time this is a place for young people to participate in unique activities. Let's learn about this place together.

first About Jump Arena Saigon trampoline amusement park

Giới thiệu về khu vui chơi bạt nhún Jump Arena Sài Gòn About Jump Arena Saigon trampoline amusement park

Jump Arena Saigon is the most modern amusement park system in our country. Here, there is a very diverse and complete integration of games and extremely interesting activities on the trampoline. Along with that, there are many other types of activities and there are also adventurous types of activities that challenge you to overcome all limits.

Since Jump Arena entered the Vietnamese market up to now, it has brought everyone, especially young people, extremely unique and interesting experiences. If you are a fan of sports, do not miss this place.

2 Branches of Jump Arena Saigon

Các chi nhánh của khu vui chơi Jump Arena Sài Gòn Branches of Jump Arena Saigon

You can go to the following addresses of Jump Arena Saigon to freely participate in the games here:

3 Jump Arena Saigon ticket prices and opening hours

Giá vé và giờ mở cửa của Jump Arena Sài Gòn Jump Arena Saigon ticket prices and opening hours

Jump Arena Saigon's facilities with opening times are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday open from 14h00 to 22h00
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays open from 8:00am – 10:00pm

Ticket prices can be found in the table below:

Basis Day 60-minute ticket 120-minute ticket Unlimited tickets
Jump Arena Him Lam Monday – 6 VND 120,000 180,000 VND
Saturday, Sunday VND 160,000 VND 240,000
Jump Arena Thao Dien Monday – 6 100,000 VND 150,000 VND
Saturday, Sunday VND 140,000 210,000 VND
Jump Arena Gigamall Monday – 6 VND 80,000
Saturday, Sunday 150,000 VND
Jump Arena Le Thi Rieng Monday – 6 VND 90,000 VND 120,000
Saturday, Sunday VND 130,000 VND 160,000

4 Experience exciting games at Jump Arena Saigon

Free Jumping Game

Trò chơi Free Jumping Free Jumping Game

The Free Jumping game will help you freely fly, jump, acrobatic in the air without having to worry about falling. Before participating in the game, you will be equipped with very safe protective equipment so you do not need to worry, along with that you will be carefully supervised by the staff.

Game Ninja Challenge

Trò chơi Ninja Challenge Game Ninja Challenge

When participating in the Ninja Challenge game, you will be challenged such as climbing, running, pulling up the bar, swinging rope, jumping, jumping, school, … extremely interesting. These activities always need the body to have endurance and active spirit, if you are a fan of these activities, do not miss this game.

Speedy ball smashing game

Trò chơi đập bóng thần tốc Speedy ball smashing game

The game of smashing the ball is a team game, the baskets will be arranged with appropriate heights on the trampoline run. With this game, you need to be careful, persistent and skillful to score goals.

Challenge on the wall

Thử thách đi trên tường Challenge on the wall

Do you want to be able to walk proudly on the wall, if you want, go to Jump Arena. Here, you will be challenged to walk on the wall next to giant trampolines. With this game, you will learn how to keep your balance and train your body's endurance.

5 Notes when having fun at Jump Arena Saigon

Những lưu ý khi vui chơi tại Jump Arena Sài Gòn Notes when having fun at Jump Arena Saigon

Only 2 years old and above can join the games at Jump Arena

Admission is the same for all ages

When you come here, you are not allowed to bring food or drink.

When participating in activities here, you should not overeat and drink alcoholic beverages.

The above article is information about Jump Arena Saigon. If you are a lover of games here and are looking for a place to relieve your stress and stress, do not miss this place.

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