What does the New Year's Harvest mean? How to get lucky for the whole year?

Harvesting at the beginning of the year is one of the traditional beauties of our nation with the desire to pray for good luck and good things in the new year. So what is the humanistic meaning of picking fortune at the beginning of the year? What is the origin of this custom and how to properly harvest the new year's fortune? We invite you to learn through the following article.


1 What is the first fortune of the year? The origin of the first harvest of the year

What is the first fortune of the year? On what date does it take place?

Picking at the beginning of the year is the breaking of branches (also known as buds) and then bringing them home to pray for good luck and good things to happen. "Loc" is the small banyan branch or branch, branch of si, … In many areas, people also choose tea leaves to pick buds. The trees chosen to pick the buds at the beginning of the year are usually lush year-round trees with the symbolic meaning of bringing buds, bringing home fertility.

Harvesting takes place on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, in the first days of the new year . Harvesting at the beginning of the year is a cultural and religious rite of the Vietnamese nation. This is a beautiful ritual, helping people to build trust, uplift their souls, live more useful and beautiful lives.

Hái lộc đầu năm

The origin of the first harvest of the year

According to our forefathers, the custom of picking fortune has existed since ancient times, specifically from the time of the Hung Kings . Legend has it that on the first day of spring, King Hung summoned Lac Hau, Lac General, his subjects and his children to teach them: "Now that you have grown up, I want you to go and teach the people how to do business and how to do business. fortify everywhere".

The king's sons all felt a temporary attachment and did not want to leave. The queen said: "The children all love their mother, love their father, and do not want to go far, so I think that the King should make sacrifices to heaven and earth and then use the method of picking and sharing with you. then go that way."

Seeing that it was reasonable, the King ordered Lac Hau, Lac General and their children to go back to rest. Then, choosing a good day and a good month, the King performed a Heaven-Earth Sacrifice on the top of Nghia Linh mountain (in Phu Tho province today) to pray for heaven and earth to bless the rain and wind, and make all people happy. Waiting for the shift, the King and Queen went to the forest to pick early spring buds. Early in the morning, when the sun appeared in the East, the King divided each son a bud and taught:

Young at home, old at home

Even up to the mountains, still down to the sea

Then, the King told the children to bring this twig to guard the directions, to teach the people how to do business and earn a living. On the way, if you encounter something unlucky, you should bring this morning dew still and shake it to the sky, the wild beasts and evil spirits will run away without harming you. Hearing the King's command, the children bowed to their parents, received branches and divided them to defend regions and help all nations.

Since then, the Vietnamese have gradually formed the custom of picking fortune. Grandparents think that at the time of New Year's Eve or early on the first day of the New Year , if you ask for a small bud from a temple, pagoda, shrine, or a branch from your own garden, then bring it back and put it in a vase or hang it on your front porch. God, Buddha bestowed fortune and luck throughout the year.

2 The meaning of early spring picking

Picking fortune is considered by many Vietnamese to be an indispensable thing when Tet comes because they believe that picking fortune will bring about good luck , "Tong co, welcome new year", dispel the bad luck in the new year. In the old year, hope that good things will come in the new year. Loc here is not only fortune, but also good luck and peace, of abundant growth , symbolizing what is new formed despite difficulties. , how harsh.

Besides, according to folk beliefs, if you sincerely ask for a small fortune tree at the temple or shrine, the temple will be blessed by God and Buddha, giving you fortune and luck throughout the year. Praying for fortune in such a tree symbolizes bringing buds, bringing fertility home.

Hái lộc

However, "picking buds" does not simply mean that a person's hand plucks from a tree a branch, a tree top or a young branch that has just sprouted. The reaping of fortune in the view of the ancients also carries the principle of cause and effect, "if you work, you can eat", "hands do the jaws", etc. The luck and happiness that we reap must come from actions. action, words. If you are lazy, there will be no happy things.

3 How to get lucky at the beginning of the year properly and get lucky?

People can go to temples, churches, parks, or yards of their homes to pick up young leaves and put them in the house or on the altar.

There are many types of twigs with different meanings. Chicken egg branches will bring good luck to children, symbolizing reunion; Lucky branches bring the desire for fortune and fame for the family; Begonia flower branches represent wealth, wealth, …

However, reaping the benefits is in the sense of action . In recent years, many people's perception of the custom of picking buds in the early spring has been misleading, bringing negative aspects, abuse and turning this custom into a custom. We are no stranger to the image of many people going to pick buds by trying their best to climb the tree, break the big branches, choose big buds and beautiful buds. Some people even go to the headquarters of the bank, the treasury … to collect fortune with the desire to have a year of "great sand and great benefit".

There are many ways of picking buds, not necessarily breaking branches or plucking trees. After going to New Year's Eve or visiting temples and shrines at the beginning of the year, people can buy some sugar cane, yellow branches and jade leaves, or a small pot of plants, etc. as a form of fortune-telling.

Hái lộc năm mới

On the first day of the year, the scene of trees being destroyed because of being broken, many trees being destroyed has become a "painful" problem for local authorities, and the custom of picking buds inadvertently becomes a bad image. , causing harm to the environment and loss of urban beauty.

"In the past, usually after New Year's Eve or during the three days of the New Year, many people went to the temple to ask for fortune, rather than turning it into a story of destroying trees and lacking culture, knowledge and understanding. way, not necessarily breaking branches, plucking trees" – Prof. Ngo Duc Thinh shared.

So, first of all, when we reap the benefits, we need to keep our souls pure and pure, then the Loc that we have picked and received will be really good and meaningful. In order to have a good life, to enjoy many blessings, to have many blessings, it is necessary to sow many good deeds.

Therefore, besides reaping the benefits, we should sow good deeds, cultivate the mind to accumulate virtue by thinking, speaking and doing good deeds. Moreover, grandparents also have the notion that if you live up to your obligations, natural fortune will come.

Hái lộc và tâm linh người hái

4 Some notes when picking buds in early spring

Picking fortune also has some taboos , not only about spirituality but also environmental issues. Here are some notes for you when picking early spring buds:

  • If you pick buds on New Year's Eve, you need to pay attention to choose carefully so as not to bring wilted leaves or branches with thorns into the house, because doing so will bring bad vibes to the family.
  • You don't have to pick big branches and beautiful branches, the more you will have. Just a small symbolic branch is enough.
  • In addition to picking the first fruit of the year and praying to God and Buddha in just one day of the new year, each of us should be self-aware every day, change our lifestyle, our way of thinking, our words, and do the right things according to morality. , standards of society.

Hái lộc đầu năm và lưu ý

Above are the shares of Dien May XANH about the custom of picking buds at the beginning of the year: Meaning, origin and notes on how to properly harvest fortune. Wish you a happy new year.