What is New Year's Eve? Traditional customs to know for a lucky year

New Year's Eve is the moment of transition between the old year and the new year, which has a very important meaning. Today, Dien May XANH will tell you the customs you need to know to make the whole year full of luck and happiness. Let's watch together.


1 What is New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve begins at 0 hours: 0 Minutes: 0 seconds , is the transition time between the old year and the new year, entering the first day of the new year marking the end of the old year according to the lunar calendar.

New Year's Eve is also known as Truc Tich night , from 11 a.m. on the 30th to 1 a.m. on the first day of the Lunar New Year , it is the most sacred night of every Vietnamese family. This moment is also the moment when families celebrate the incense burning ceremony to worship the ancestors, gather together to see off the old year and welcome the new year, praying for health, luck, fortune, and prosperity for all members. in the family.

Giao thừa

2 The meaning of New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is the time of transition between the old year and the new year. It is believed that this is also the time to shake off the bad luck and gloom of the whole year, help the soul to be purified and eliminate sorrow, and hope in a new year with many better changes than the old year.

Besides, New Year's Eve is also the time when family members gather together, reunite, summarize what has been done in the past year and set goals and plans for the new year. .

Gia đình sum vầy đêm giao thừa

3 Traditional customs to know for a lucky year

Vietnamese people believe that during New Year's Eve, you will have a lot of luck in the next year if you do the following things:

New Year's Eve offerings

One of the indispensable traditional customs on New Year's Eve is New Year's Eve offering. Depending on each region and locality, there are different arrangements and rituals. However, in general, the New Year's Eve ceremony still has the meaning of dispelling bad luck and bad luck from the old year, welcoming the new year will be better.

Giao thừa là gì?

The New Year's Eve worshiping ceremony is performed at the right moment of entering the new year, the main hour of the Rat, which is 0:00 on the 1st day of the New Year. The owner makes vows and repents to the ancestors, invites the deceased to come home to celebrate Tet and at the same time prays for luck, peace, and prosperous business in the new year.


Instead of breaking the branches to pick the first buds of the year, the traders often ask for the new year's blessings by burning a handful of incense or a large incense stick and bowing in front of the ancestors' altar. Then bring that incense and stick it at the altar of the Ancestor altar or the Tho Cong altar at home with the belief that it will be blessed by God because the fire symbolizes advancement and success.

Hương lộc

Choose the direction of departure

Eastern people have the concept that choosing the right date and time of departure will make the owner have a favorable business, have a lot of luck in work and have good health as desired. Therefore, after offering New Year's Eve, people will often look at the date and time in accordance with feng shui, see the direction of departure for the owner to start a favorable and lucky new year.

Giờ đẹp xuất hành

Buy New Year's Eve salt

The old saying "buy salt at the beginning of the year, buy lime at the end of the year" is a traditional custom that has been maintained since ancient times. Salt not only has the meaning of warding off evil spirits and bad luck, but it also means showing the emotional attachment of family relationships, healthy and harmonious children.

Therefore, after New Year's Eve, people often buy small bags of salt to bring home with the meaning of warding off evil spirits, bad luck, and a favorable start to the new year.

Mua muối đêm giao thừa

Broke ground

Ground breaking is one of the long-standing traditional customs indispensable in New Year's Eve. The person who breaks the ground is the person who comes to wish the family's first New Year's greetings, which may be random or pre-selected by the owner, who will match the age and help the homeowner in the new year do business, prosper, have a lot of luck.

Xông đất

Wish a Happy New Year

The moment entering the first moments of the new year is when people give each other meaningful wishes for a new year full of harmony, luck, happiness and success.

Chúc tết

Give someone lucky money

And of course, it is impossible not to mention the traditional custom of celebrating the old age. According to custom, adults will celebrate the age of children with new coins or put them in red paper envelopes. It doesn't matter how much or how little lucky money, what matters is the meaning of everyone's wishes for each other. Children and grandchildren wish grandparents and parents good health and longevity. Grandparents wish their children and grandchildren to be healthy, to be successful in their studies, and to have a lot of luck in business.

Mừng tuổi

Are you ready to welcome the new year 2021? Do not ignore the above things to help a happy and lucky new year!