4 Facial Features that Show Women Often Struggle to Save Money and Face Difficulties in Life

Although these women may earn money, they often do not know how to manage it. As a result, their lives become difficult.


Short, narrow, and pointed forehead

According to physiognomy, the forehead represents a person’s fortune. Throughout history, people described as having authority and good fortune often have high, wide, and full foreheads. Ancient books have written that the forehead is called “Thien Dinh” and a high and full forehead symbolizes intelligence and beauty.

As such, people with full, wide foreheads usually have good fortune. On the other hand, women with small, narrow foreheads and a sharp shape have thin blessings and lack of prosperity, with bottomless greed and narrow-mindedness. They may even bring bad luck. It is best not to provoke them.

Narrow and small brow ridge

The brow ridge is the distance between the eyebrows, just below the forehead. Women with a narrow and small brow ridge often have unfavorable fortunes. Their lives are often full of hardships and they may experience poverty and misfortune.

Women with this facial feature often have difficult marriages. They may marry a husband who is talented and intelligent but have difficulty achieving success. Every time they encounter a good opportunity, they face bad luck, restraining them from showcasing their true talents.

Their husbands gradually lose confidence, afraid of failure and unable to think or act. Their family life also faces many difficulties as both of their careers are not successful, encountering obstacles at every turn.

Large face with a small nose

Women with a very large face but a disproportionately small nose have a destructive fortune according to physiognomy. Regardless of their occupation, they always have high expectations, can be arrogant and look down on others. They refuse to do anything they consider beneath them.

They have limited abilities and earn little money, yet live extravagantly and indulge in worldly pleasures. They are willing to pay any price to obtain what they desire.

Moreover, their personalities are peculiar, making it difficult for them to socialize or make friends. They live in solitude, with few friends. With such a personality, they can hinder their own career and their spouse’s.

Thin and protruding ears

Physiognomy believes that the future of a person can be determined by their ears. People with thick, large, and well-defined ears that extend downwards are considered noble. They have a rich and prosperous destiny, hold high positions in society, and are respected and admired by many.

On the other hand, people with thin, protruding ears are called “bat ears” or “mouse ears.” If women have this facial feature, it is truly unfortunate as they face poverty no matter how hard they work. They have little blessings, a difficult life full of hardships, and limited fortune.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for reference and entertainment purposes only.

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