5 Calming Sound Websites to Boost Your Focus While Studying, Working, or Relaxing

If you're struggling with focus, these 5 websites offer a unique solution: a range of sounds to enhance your concentration. From study to work and relaxation, discover how these carefully curated audio experiences can improve your productivity and overall well-being. Learn more about these innovative tools and find your focus through the power of sound.


To achieve a desired outcome when performing a task, a high level of concentration is required. However, there are often minor distractions that can hinder your ability to stay focused. While drinking coffee may help, it might not always be the healthiest option.

Today, we will reveal another way to help you focus on studying, working, or relaxing: listening to soothing sounds from websites. Let’s explore these websites together.



Defonic offers a diverse range of over 20 unique sounds, including tropical rainforest with chirping birds, gentle rain, ocean waves, and more. These sounds can be both natural and artificial, and you have the option to combine multiple sounds simultaneously while adjusting their individual volumes.

Using Defonic is straightforward. Simply visit the website, scroll down, and you’ll see icons representing each type of sound. Choose the one you want to listen to and adjust the slider below the icon to increase or decrease the volume to your liking.



CalmSounds provides you with six main categories of sounds, including sleep sounds, rain sounds, garden sounds, and more. Selecting your desired sound is easy—just go to the homepage, choose your preferred category, and click the play icon in the middle to start listening.

3Nature Sounds Map


Nature Sounds Map is a unique website that offers a variety of natural sounds, from bird calls to rustling leaves, presented on a map. What sets it apart is that you can choose to listen to sounds from different parts of the world, rather than being limited to a specific icon or category.

Simply visit the homepage, click on any location on the map, and then hit the “Listen” button to hear the sounds from that area.

4A Soft Murmur


Similar to Defonic, A Soft Murmur allows you to mix and match different sounds to create your own unique blend. You can choose from a variety of sounds, such as waves, wind, birds chirping, and more.

Using the website is simple. Just visit the homepage, click the play icon, select the sounds you want to hear, and adjust their volumes using the sliders below each icon.

5Listen To Wikipedia


Listen To Wikipedia takes a different approach compared to the other websites mentioned. Instead of natural sounds, you’ll hear soothing melodies as someone researches or edits content on the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

When you visit the homepage, you’ll automatically hear these sounds. The circles on the screen represent the activity of other users on Wikipedia. If you want to see what they’re up to, simply click on a circle, and you’ll be taken to the corresponding Wikipedia page.

These are the five websites we recommend for relaxation and improved focus. We hope this article helps you regain your productivity and achieve your desired outcomes.

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Frequently asked questions

Calming sound websites are online platforms that offer a variety of soothing and relaxing audio experiences. These websites typically feature nature sounds, ambient music, and other calming audio tracks that can help improve focus, enhance productivity, and promote relaxation. They are designed to create a peaceful atmosphere that can aid in reducing stress, improving mood, and creating a conducive environment for studying, working, or unwinding.

Calming sounds have been shown to positively impact focus and productivity in several ways. Firstly, they can act as a form of ‘acoustic shielding’, blocking out distracting noises and creating a sense of auditory privacy. This helps you stay concentrated on the task at hand. Secondly, certain calming sounds, such as nature sounds, can induce a state of ‘soft fascination’, where your mind is gently engaged, leading to improved focus and a heightened ability to ignore irrelevant stimuli.

Yes, there is scientific evidence supporting the benefits of listening to calming sounds. Research has shown that nature sounds, in particular, can have positive effects on cognitive performance and stress reduction. For example, a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that participants who listened to nature sounds showed improved attention and cognitive performance compared to those who listened to artificial sounds or silence. Additionally, calming sounds have been linked to reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol, contributing to lower stress and improved overall well-being.

There are several excellent calming sound websites available. Here are five of the best: Rainymood.com, which specializes in rain-related sounds and offers a soothing atmosphere; MyNoise.net, a highly customizable sound generator with a wide variety of nature and ambient sounds; Calm.com, a popular meditation app that also offers a diverse selection of calming soundscapes; Noisli.com, which allows you to mix and match different nature sounds to create your own personalized background noise; and SimplyNoise.com, a website dedicated to providing high-quality white noise, pink noise, and brown noise for focus and relaxation.

To maximize the benefits of calming sound websites, consider incorporating them into your daily routine. Use them while studying, working, or engaging in creative tasks to enhance your focus and productivity. You can also use them during breaks to relax and recharge your mind. Experiment with different types of calming sounds to find the ones that resonate with you the most. Additionally, try combining calming sounds with other relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, for an even more therapeutic experience.