5 Common Parenting Mistakes that Lead to Sons Becoming Rebellious and Daughters Being Easily Tempted

Raising children is no easy task for parents. Making these 5 mistakes in parenting can lead to sons and daughters being easily tempted. Let's find out more!


Any parent wants to raise their child to be talented, kind, and have good qualities. However, many people often use incorrect parenting methods, which can lead to their children being spoiled. Let’s go through 5 common mistakes in parenting that make boys rebellious and girls vulnerable!

1Regularly hitting and scolding children harshly

There is a saying “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, however, it does not mean that parents should use physical punishment on their children for every mistake they make.

Children are vulnerable and harsh scolding can leave a deep impact on their minds, making them feel scared and afraid of their parents. Moreover, it can develop a rebellious nature in children as a way to resist their parents.

Regularly hitting and scolding children harshlyRegularly hitting and scolding children harshly

2Favoring boys over girls

Even today, there are many families that have a preference for boys and neglect girls, which not only affects girls but also boys.

If parents only pay attention to and take care of their sons, their daughters will feel abandoned and undervalued. This is unfair to the children and can lead to conflicts between siblings in the family.

When boys are excessively pampered, they may lack social skills and confidence, making it difficult for them to succeed. Many spoiled boys become lazy, selfish, and adopt the same gender bias as their parents.

Favoring boys over girlsFavoring boys over girls

3Providing excessive comfort to children

Every parent always wants to provide the best for their children, from food and clothes to education. However, indulging children excessively can make them lazy and ungrateful, not knowing how to appreciate what they have in life.

This can lead to children developing arrogant personalities and a lack of effort when they enter society. Therefore, parents should not overly protect their children and allow them to learn independence from a young age, acquiring essential life skills that will contribute to their future success.

Providing excessive comfort to childrenProviding excessive comfort to children

4Avoiding sex education

According to statistics from the Vietnam Family Planning Association, there are nearly 300,000 cases of abortion in our country each year, with the majority occurring in young girls aged 15-19.

Therefore, providing sex education to children from a young age is crucial. Currently, many families often neglect or avoid sex education for their children, even considering it to be a bad thing.

Avoiding sex educationAvoiding sex education

5Raising children in poverty

Many parents believe that raising children in extreme poverty will make them appreciate what they have, but this is not always effective. Some children raised in extreme poverty develop feelings of envy and resentment towards their peers.

As they grow up, they may become overwhelmed by materialism and lose themselves in the pursuit of superficial things.

Raising children in povertyRaising children in poverty

Above are some common mistakes that parents make when raising children, which can lead to boys being rebellious and girls being easily tempted. Hopefully, this information will help parents become aware of these mistakes and raise their children better!

Source: Vietnam Women’s Newspaper

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