5 Effective Ways to Fix Error Code 224003 on Computers and Phones

How to fix error code 224003? While not as common as errors 401, 404, 502, many people still encounter it when playing videos on Google Chrome, causing interruptions to the user experience. So what is error 224003? What are the causes and how to fix this error? Let's find out with FPT Shop.


Google Chrome is a popular browser used by many people on computers and phones. However, during the process of using Chrome to watch videos, many users are annoyed when they see error code 224003. Let’s find out the causes and how to fix error code 224003 in the following article!

What is error code 224003? Causes of error 224003

Error code 224003 is a common error when using the Google Chrome browser to play videos on phones and computers (PC, laptop). This error code is often accompanied by the message “This video file cannot be played”.

The cause of error code 224003 is not related to hardware issues or accidents such as dropping, breaking, etc. Instead, it originates from the browser, software, and data usage. Some common causes of error 224003 are:

  • Connection problems or weak network connection.
  • Google Chrome browser version is corrupted or outdated.
  • The browser contains too much cache memory.
  • Extensions and add-ons causing errors.
  • The browser’s settings are blocking the video.

Quick and effective ways to fix error code 224003

If you encounter error code 224003, first, you should check your Internet system. If the connection is still high-speed and stable, you can fix the error using the following methods:

Check and update Chrome to the latest version

Usually, Chrome will automatically update when connected to the Internet. However, for some reason, this feature may be turned off. In that case, you can check and update Chrome manually.

On computers

Step 1: Click the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of the Chrome browser > Select Help > Click on About Google Chrome.

Step 2: The screen will display the version of Chrome your computer is using. If there is a green tick sign, it means you are using the latest version of Chrome. If it is still an old version, click Relaunch to update it.

On phones

For Android phones, you can go to Google Play to check the Chrome version. In the What’s New section, you will see the time of the latest browser update. If it has not been updated, click the Update button.

Clear cache and cookies

After checking that the browser is up to date but you still cannot watch videos, try clearing the cache and cookies to fix error code 224003.

On computers

Step 1: Click the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of the Chrome browser > Select Clear browsing data.

Step 2: In the Clear browsing data section, click Basic > Choose All time in the Time range > Uncheck the Browsing history option > Click Clear data.

Disable extensions

Installed extensions can also cause video errors on computers. The incognito mode will help you determine if error 224003 is caused by extensions because the default incognito mode disables all extensions.

Step 1: Open a new incognito window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N or select the 3-dot icon and choose New incognito window.

Step 2: Then, paste the link of the video with an error into the incognito mode and press Enter. If the video runs smoothly, it means the extensions are causing the video playback problem. You can apply the following steps to fix error code 224003. If the video still cannot be watched, continue with steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Paste the syntax chrome://extensions into the Chrome search bar and press Enter on the keyboard.

Step 4: Here, you can toggle the Enable button from right to left to disable each extension and re-access the video. If the video works normally, the extension you just turned off is the cause of the video not working. If that extension is not important, you can remove it to avoid having to turn it off every time you want to watch a video.

Delete all Chrome data

If you have tried all of the above methods and still cannot watch the video, you must delete all Chrome data. Although this method is effective in fixing error code 224003, it also removes all settings, unnecessary extensions. You need to restore the previous settings, keeping only saved fonts, bookmarks, and passwords.

On computers

Step 1: Click the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of the Chrome browser > Select Settings.

Step 2: Choose Restore settings to their original defaults under the Reset and clean up section.

Step 3: Then, press Reset settings to confirm.

Disable hardware acceleration

Sometimes, the hardware acceleration feature of Google Chrome can also cause this error. In this case, you can turn off this feature with the following instructions:

Step 1: Click the 3-dot icon  > Select Settings > Choose System.

Step 2: Then, slide the button from right to left in the line Use hardware acceleration when available.


Above are simple, quick, and effective ways to fix error code 224003. Hopefully, with these methods, you will soon be able to watch videos on your browser without any issues.

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