5 Signs Your Home is About to Receive Good Luck and Prosperity

According to feng shui beliefs, these changes happening within the home are signs of good luck, and homeowners should happily embrace them.


Beautiful Location for a House

A house with a beautiful location, a square and flat piece of land, and a beautiful surrounding view (perhaps a park, a large lake, etc.) is a great asset. The house should not be obstructed by large trees or structures, but it should also not be too windy.

A beautiful location not only provides comfort and convenience in everyday life, but it also greatly supports the feng shui of the family.

Square and Straight Land

From ancient times until now, when building or buying a house, people always prefer square and straight pieces of land. Square and straight land, without any distortions and with many corners, is a symbol of stability and endurance, it is a place that supports everything.

A square and straight piece of land not only creates favorable conditions for construction and arrangement, but according to feng shui, it also helps balance the energy within the house, attracting wealth and fortune.

Wide and Open Front Approach

The front approach is the space in front of the house, from the front door to the gate. A house with a wide and open front approach signifies prosperous and successful fortune.

The front approach is where the energy enters and circulates within the family. A clean and spacious front approach allows the flow of energy to easily enter the house, bringing abundant vitality.

Sturdy Main Entrance and Strong House Walls

A house that has been standing for a long time with a solid main entrance and sturdy walls is something to be celebrated. According to feng shui, such a house will bring abundant wealth and career success to the family. Living in a solid house like this will make it easier for family members to meet important and influential people, and their careers will flourish.

Healthy Greenery and Vibrant Blooms

Nowadays, many families plant green trees and various flowers inside their homes. Some people don’t need to put much effort into taking care of their plants, yet they still grow well and bloom regularly. On the other hand, some people diligently take care of their plants but they don’t thrive.

This is believed to have some influence on the feng shui of the house regarding the plants. Vegetation will grow and thrive in places with suitable magnetic fields. It is believed that places with healthy and flourishing plants, constantly blooming and bearing fruit, have good feng shui. Living in a house like this will enhance the family’s fortune.

The information provided is for reference and personal experience.

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