5 Signs Your Home is Situated in a Feng Shui Treasure Land and Extremely Prosperous

If a house has these signs, it indicates that it is located in a good feng shui land and will become increasingly wealthy.


Spacious and well-lit house

The front of the house should have good feng shui, it needs to be relatively spacious, unobstructed, with a wide view and good lighting to bring positive energy into the house.

As a result, people living in the house will feel comfortable, vibrant, have good fortune, and their lives will never be too bad. In addition, if there is no negative energy around, it will increase the fortune for the residents, help the homeowners succeed in business, and live a prosperous life.

The more spacious the house, the more prosperous it is

A south-facing house ensures prosperity

In the past, there was a saying “a south-facing house ensures prosperity” or “marry a gentle wife and build a south-facing house”. The reason for this is because according to the Eight Trigrams of Heaven and Earth, the south is considered the direction of kings and emperors, and according to the Eight Trigrams of Later Heaven, this direction is a symbol of light and fire.

In ancient times, kings and emperors often faced North and looked South to seek enlightenment and desired to have enough wisdom and insight to rule the world. Therefore, the South direction is often associated with noble destiny, prosperity, and power of human beings. Living in this direction, the work is smooth, the fortune is good, and the health is prosperous.

In addition, building a south-facing house also helps the house receive sufficient light, good ventilation, avoiding hot winds from the West blowing in during summer and cold winds from the North blowing in during winter. Therefore, building a house in this direction can make use of the sunlight to the fullest, as well as make the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

A well-proportioned and not missing any corners house

In feng shui, if the shape of the house is well-proportioned, such as a square or a rectangle, it is considered a great fortune, and the person living in such a house will encounter a lot of luck and wealth. However, for rectangular houses, attention should still be paid to the proportion, as houses that are too narrow or too wide will affect the flow of positive energy. The best proportion for a well-proportioned house is 6:4, as this house is considered to have a balance of yin and yang, and all four sides are stable.

Conversely, houses with missing corners often have an imbalance of the two elements of yin and yang in feng shui, causing the residents to often experience instability. To resolve this, homeowners should place pots of flowers or plants to cover up the missing corners.

Having birds and bees nesting in the house

Having animals come home is very good

The phenomenon of birds or bees nesting on the roof, on the balcony, etc. does not occur frequently in houses in the city, where urbanization is happening rapidly, but it can often be seen in rural households.

Feng shui believes that these birds and insects are like gifts from heaven, belonging to positive energy, and once positive energy enters the house, naturally good things will happen.

Therefore, houses with good feng shui will often encounter this phenomenon, bringing prosperity to the homeowner, bringing joyous events one after another.

Therefore, if you discover birds or bees nesting in your house, it is recommended to keep it as it is and not interfere, in order to not lose the good luck.

The house should not be too windy

So, if you can find a house with as many of these characteristics as possible, you will have a greater chance of becoming wealthy and accumulating wealth in the house. Of course, to become wealthy, one must work diligently…

Frequently asked questions

According to ancient beliefs, a south-facing house is associated with prosperity and power. This direction is considered the orientation of kings and emperors and is believed to bring enlightenment and wisdom. Living in a south-facing house is thought to bring smooth career paths and good health.

A well-proportioned house, ideally square or rectangular, is considered fortunate in feng shui. The ideal proportion is 6:4, representing a balance of yin and yang energies. However, for rectangular houses, it is important to ensure they are not too narrow or too wide, as this can affect the flow of positive energy.

Houses with missing corners are believed to have an imbalance of yin and yang energies, leading to instability for the residents. To counteract this, homeowners can place pots of flowers or plants to cover the missing corners and restore balance.

In feng shui, the presence of birds and bees nesting in a house is considered a positive sign. These creatures are believed to bring positive energy and good fortune. It is recommended to leave them undisturbed to maintain the house’s good luck and prosperity.

A house that is too windy is not considered ideal in feng shui. While a gentle breeze is pleasant, excessive wind can disrupt the flow of positive energy and may impact the comfort and well-being of the residents.
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